Algeria Wins AFCON 2019

In a repeat of earlier group game, Algeria once again edged Senegal by one goal to win AFCON 2019. Senegal were hoping to clinch their first ever African cup of Nations title, but ended in disappointment.

Algeria got their goal on their very first attack. It was a surprise goal as Baghdad Bounedjah’s deflected shot rises so high and then dips beyond the Senegalese goal keeper into the net. The Senegal goal keeper didn’t make an attempt to save as he was rooted to his spot and watched helplessly as the ball dipped into the net.

Senegal 0, Algeria 1 !, this was not according to the script for Senegal. They have never won the AFCON, and this was a good chance for them. After the goal it was attack, attack for Senegal. They were even awarded a penalty in the 61st minute by the referee which was overturned by VAR. In the end , for all Senegal efforts they got NOTHING, as Algeria held on to win AFCON 2019.

Match Statistics. Senegal vs Algeria.

This is the second African Cup of Nations trophy for Algeria, 19 yeas after they won the first. Coincidentally in the final 19 years ago they beat Nigeria 1-0. They scored the goal very early in the game and defended well until the end. Algeria has been the best team of the tournment and desere to be champions.

Nigeria’s striker Odion Ighalo won the Golden Boot award. He is the highest goal scorer in the tournament with 5 goals.

Retaining Wall Design with Excel.

Retaining walls are designed and constructed to retain certain amount of soil at a particular location. Retaining wall must prevent any movement of soil it is designed to hold back so as not to cause damage to buildings properties nearby.

A good retaining wall must adequately resist sliding and overturning forces of the retained soil acting on it. To achieve this , the retaining wall must be designed to determine the correct size and amount of reinforcement required.

The design of retaining walls is very tedious and time consuming. However you can take advantage of this free retaining wall design SPREADSHEET to aid your design. It is a free spreadsheet created with Microsoft excel that designs retaining walls to BS 8110.

Credit goes to the Reinforced Concrete Council UK for making this spreadsheet free.


You can also watch the video through this link;

How to use Retaining wall design with excel.

You enter data into cells with blue text.

In the first six rows of the spreadsheet you can enter name of project, client, date, job title and even logo.

From row 7 to row 21, you see a diagrammatic retaining wall explaining member dimensions and forces acting on it.

Row 22 to 26 you enter or edit retaining wall dimensions such as length and thickness of stem and base.

You enter material properties data such as strength and factor of safety for concrete and steel in row 27 to 32.

Enter soil properties data in row 33 to 41.

Lastly you enter load data in rows 43 to 53.

If data you have entered is ok, you will see design status read VALID in row 7.

Check the stability calculations by clicking the STABILITY TAB at the bottom of the spread sheet.

Required calculated Reinforcement for retaining wall can be viewed by clicking the DESIGN TAB. Similarly you can click the WEIGHT, Diagrams, Crackwidth and Notes TAB for more information.

To use excel spreadsheet to aid your design of pad footings you can read this POST

Virtual Reality (VR Gaming)

PS4 VR Hadset.

Virtual reality gaming is the latest generation gaming system that puts the player in a virtual 3D environment. For some virtual 3D games, it would seem as if the player is really in the game. (that’s why it is called virtual reality).
Virtual reality games are usually played with a VR headset(also called head mounted display ). the virtual reality headset will typically take the form of Head mounted googles with a screen in front of the eyes. (see Picture below of the PS4 virtual reality headset).
VR gaming is already attracting more gamers and investors. Since it is still very much in development, it will at some point eventually overshadow the conventional video gameplay system. (in which a gamer controls characters displayed on a non 3D screen).

The VR gaming problem.

People who play VR games are prone to motion sickness. Because virtual reality creates the illusion that one is in the game, when in reality, it is not,it creates a communication breakdown between the brain and bodysystem. for example in a VR game where the player appears to be moving in the virtual world, the brain might send signals to the body believing there is actual movement while the body might not respond adequately because it is actually stationary (or vice-versa), this communication breaking causes dizziness or tiredness during game play.

However practice makes perfect, as one continues to play VR games, the body eventyually ajusts, but this may not be the game for everyone.

If one experiences dizziness or other forms of sickness during VR gaming, it is strongly advised to stop immediately then continue when the body is fine.

However ,Virtual Reality Gaming is fast evolving and it is the latest happening in the gaming world at the moment.