Full English Premier League Fixtures for Season 2022/23

The full fixtures for the English Premier League Season, 2022/2023 have been released. All times in the UK. Please note that the fixtures may be subject to change.

English Premier League 2022/2023 fixtures

Friday 5 August

20:00 Crystal Palace v Arsenal

Saturday 6 August

12:30 Fulham v Liverpool

AFC Bournemouth v Aston Villa

Leeds v Wolves

Newcastle v Nottingham Forest

Spurs v Southampton

17:30 Everton v Chelsea

Sunday 7 August

14:00 Leicester v Brentford

14:00 Man Utd v Brighton

16:30 West Ham v Man City

Saturday 13 August

12:30 Aston Villa v Everton

Arsenal v Leicester

Brighton v Newcastle

Man City v AFC Bournemouth

Southampton v Leeds

Wolves v Fulham

17:30 Brentford v Man Utd

Sunday 14 August

14:00 Nottingham Forest v West Ham

16:30 Chelsea v Spurs

Monday 15 August

20:00 Liverpool v Crystal Palace

Saturday 20 August

12:30 Spurs v Wolves

Crystal Palace v Aston Villa

Everton v Nottingham Forest

Fulham v Brentford

Leicester v Southampton

17:30 AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal

Sunday 21 August

14:00 Leeds v Chelsea

14:00 West Ham v Brighton

16:30 Newcastle v Man City

Monday 22 August

20:00 Man Utd v Liverpool

Saturday 27 August

12:30 Southampton v Man Utd

Brentford v Everton

Brighton v Leeds

Chelsea v Leicester

Liverpool v AFC Bournemouth

Man City v Crystal Palace

17:30 Arsenal v Fulham

Sunday 28 August

14:00 Aston Villa v West Ham

14:00 Wolves v Newcastle

16:30 Nottingham Forest v Spurs

Tuesday 30 August

19:30 Crystal Palace v Brentford

19:30 Fulham v Brighton

19:45 Southampton v Chelsea

20:00 Leeds v Everton

Wednesday 31 August

19:30 AFC Bournemouth v Wolves

19:30 Arsenal v Aston Villa

19:30 Man City v Nottingham Forest

19:45 West Ham v Spurs

20:00 Liverpool v Newcastle

Thursday 1 September

20:00 Leicester v Man Utd

Saturday 3 September

12:30 Everton v Liverpool

Brentford v Leeds

Newcastle v Crystal Palace

Nottingham Forest v AFC Bournemouth

Spurs v Fulham

Wolves v Southampton

17:30 Aston Villa v Man City

Sunday 4 September

14:00 Chelsea v West Ham

14:00 Brighton v Leicester

16:30 Man Utd v Arsenal

Saturday 10 September

12:30 Fulham v Chelsea

AFC Bournemouth v Brighton

Leicester v Aston Villa

Liverpool v Wolves

Southampton v Brentford

17:30 Man City v Spurs

Sunday 11 September

14:00 Arsenal v Everton

14:00 West Ham v Newcastle

16:30 Crystal Palace v Man Utd

Monday 12 September

20:00 Leeds v Nottingham Forest

Friday 16 September

20:00 Nottingham Forest v Fulham

Saturday 17 September

12:30 Wolves v Man City

Aston Villa v Southampton

Brighton v Crystal Palace

Everton v West Ham

Newcastle v AFC Bournemouth

17:30 Spurs v Leicester

Sunday 18 September

14:00 Brentford v Arsenal

14:00 Man Utd v Leeds

16:30 Chelsea v Liverpool

Saturday 1 October

12:30 Arsenal v Spurs

17:30 West Ham v Wolves  

Crystal Palace v Chelsea

Fulham v Newcastle

Liverpool v Brighton

Southampton v Everton

Sunday 2 October

14:00/16.30 TBC Leeds v Aston Villa

14:00/16.30 TBC Man City v Man Utd

Monday 3 October

20:00 Leicester v Nott’m Forest

Saturday 8 October

AFC Bournemouth v Leicester

Chelsea v Wolves

Man City v Southampton

Newcastle v Brentford

West Ham v Fulham

17:30 Brighton v Spurs

Sunday 9 October

14:00 Crystal Palace v Leeds 

16:30 Arsenal v Liverpool 

19:00 Everton v Man Utd

Monday 10 October

20:00 Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa

Friday 14 October

20:00 Brentford v Brighton

Saturday 15 October

12:30 Leicester v Crystal Palace

Fulham v AFC Bournemouth

Southampton v West Ham

Wolves v Nottingham Forest

17:30 Spurs v Everton

Sunday 16 October

14:00 Aston Villa v Chelsea 

14:00 Leeds v Arsenal

14:00 Man Utd v Newcastle

16:30 Liverpool v Man City

Tuesday 18 October

19:30 Brighton v Nottingham Forest (Prime Video)

19:30 Crystal Palace v Wolves (Prime Video)*

20:15 AFC Bournemouth v Southampton (Prime Video)**

*Moving to 20:15 if BOUSOU moves to 19 Oct

**Moving to 19 Oct 19:30 if SOUWHU moves to 16 Oct because West Ham reach UECL group stage

Wednesday 19 October

19:30 Liverpool v West Ham (Prime Video)

19:30 Newcastle v Everton (Prime Video)

20:15 Man Utd v Spurs (Prime Video)

Thursday 20 October

19:30 Brentford v Chelsea (Prime Video)*

19:30 Fulham v Aston Villa (Prime Video)

19:30 Leicester v Leeds (Prime Video)**

20:15 Arsenal v Man City (Prime Video)***

*Moving to 19 Oct 19:30 if Chelsea play in UCL on 25 Oct

** Moving to 20:15 if ARSMCI & BRECHE move to 19 Oct

***Moving to 19 Oct 19:30 if Man City play in UCL on 25 Oct

Saturday 22 October

12:30 Nottingham Forest v Liverpool

Everton v Crystal Palace

17:30 Spurs v Newcastle

Sunday 23 October

14:00 Aston Villa v Brentford

14:00 Leeds v Fulham

14:00 Man City v Brighton*

14:00 Wolves v Leicester**

14:00 Southampton v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

16:30 Chelsea v Man Utd (Sky Sports)**

*Will move to 22 Oct if City play in UCL on 25 Oct

**Subject to Chelsea’s UCL participation on 25 Oct

Monday 24 October

20:00 West Ham v AFC Bournemouth

Saturday 29 October

12:30 Leicester v Man City

AFC Bournemouth v Spurs

Arsenal v Nottingham Forest

Brentford v Wolves

Brighton v Chelsea

Crystal Palace v Southampton

Liverpool v Leeds

Man Utd v West Ham

Newcastle v Aston Villa

17:30 Fulham v Everton

*GMT starts

Sunday 30 October

14:00 Arsenal v Nott’m Forest

14:00 Liverpool v Leeds*

16:30 Man Utd v West Ham 

*Subject to Liverpool UCL participation on 1 Nov

Saturday 5 November

Aston Villa v Man Utd

Chelsea v Arsenal

Everton v Leicester

Leeds v AFC Bournemouth

Man City v Fulham

Nottingham Forest v Brentford

Southampton v Newcastle

Spurs v Liverpool

West Ham v Crystal Palace

Wolves v Brighton

Saturday 12 November

AFC Bournemouth v Everton

Brighton v Aston Villa

Fulham v Man Utd

Liverpool v Southampton

Man City v Brentford

Newcastle v Chelsea

Nottingham Forest v Crystal Palace

Spurs v Leeds

West Ham v Leicester

Wolves v Arsenal

Monday 26 December

Arsenal v West Ham

Aston Villa v Liverpool

Brentford v Spurs

Chelsea v AFC Bournemouth

Crystal Palace v Fulham

Everton v Wolves

Leeds v Man City

Leicester v Newcastle

Man Utd v Nottingham Forest

Southampton v Brighton

Saturday 31 December

AFC Bournemouth v Crystal Palace

Brighton v Arsenal

Fulham v Southampton

Liverpool v Leicester

Man City v Everton

Newcastle v Leeds

Nottingham Forest v Chelsea

Spurs v Aston Villa

West Ham v Brentford

Wolves v Man Utd

Monday 2 January

Arsenal v Newcastle

Aston Villa v Wolves

Brentford v Liverpool

Chelsea v Man City

Crystal Palace v Spurs

Everton v Brighton

Leeds v West Ham

Leicester v Fulham

Man Utd v AFC Bournemouth

Southampton v Nottingham Forest

Saturday 14 January

Aston Villa v Leeds

Brentford v AFC Bournemouth

Brighton v Liverpool

Chelsea v Crystal Palace

Everton v Southampton

Man Utd v Man City

Newcastle v Fulham

Nottingham Forest v Leicester

Spurs v Arsenal

Wolves v West Ham

Saturday 21 January

AFC Bournemouth v Nottingham Forest

Arsenal v Man Utd

Crystal Palace v Newcastle

Fulham v Spurs

Leeds v Brentford

Leicester v Brighton

Liverpool v Chelsea

Man City v Wolves

Southampton v Aston Villa

West Ham v Everton

Saturday 4 February

Aston Villa v Leicester

Brentford v Southampton

Brighton v AFC Bournemouth

Chelsea v Fulham

Everton v Arsenal

Man Utd v Crystal Palace

Newcastle v West Ham

Nottingham Forest v Leeds

Spurs v Man City

Wolves v Liverpool

Saturday 11 February

AFC Bournemouth v Newcastle

Arsenal v Brentford

Crystal Palace v Brighton

Fulham v Nottingham Forest

Leeds v Man Utd

Leicester v Spurs

Liverpool v Everton

Man City v Aston Villa

Southampton v Wolves

West Ham v Chelsea

Saturday 18 February

Aston Villa v Arsenal

Brentford v Crystal Palace

Brighton v Fulham

Chelsea v Southampton

Everton v Leeds

Man Utd v Leicester

Newcastle v Liverpool

Nottingham Forest v Man City

Spurs v West Ham

Wolves v AFC Bournemouth

Saturday 25 February

AFC Bournemouth v Man City

Crystal Palace v Liverpool

Everton v Aston Villa

Fulham v Wolves

Leeds v Southampton

Leicester v Arsenal

Man Utd v Brentford

Newcastle v Brighton

Spurs v Chelsea

West Ham v Nottingham Forest

Saturday 4 March

Arsenal v AFC Bournemouth

Aston Villa v Crystal Palace

Brentford v Fulham

Brighton v West Ham

Chelsea v Leeds

Liverpool v Man Utd

Man City v Newcastle

Nottingham Forest v Everton

Southampton v Leicester

Wolves v Spurs 

Saturday 11 March

AFC Bournemouth v Liverpool

Crystal Palace v Man City

Everton v Brentford

Fulham v Arsenal

Leeds v Brighton

Leicester v Chelsea

Man Utd v Southampton

Newcastle v Wolves

Spurs v Nottingham Forest

West Ham v Aston Villa

Saturday 18 March

Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Aston Villa v AFC Bournemouth

Brentford v Leicester

Brighton v Man Utd

Chelsea v Everton

Liverpool v Fulham

Man City v West Ham

Nottingham Forest v Newcastle

Southampton v Spurs

Wolves v Leeds

Saturday 1 April

AFC Bournemouth v Fulham

Arsenal v Leeds

Brighton v Brentford

Chelsea v Aston Villa

Crystal Palace v Leicester

Everton v Spurs

Man City v Liverpool

Newcastle v Man Utd

Nottingham Forest v Wolves

West Ham v Southampton

Saturday 8 April

Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest

Brentford v Newcastle

Fulham v West Ham

Leeds v Crystal Palace

Leicester v AFC Bournemouth

Liverpool v Arsenal

Man Utd v Everton

Southampton v Man City

Spurs v Brighton

Wolves v Chelsea

Saturday 15 April

Aston Villa v Newcastle

Chelsea v Brighton

Everton v Fulham

Leeds v Liverpool

Man City v Leicester

Nottingham Forest v Man Utd

Southampton v Crystal Palace

Spurs v AFC Bournemouth

West Ham v Arsenal

Wolves v Brentford

Saturday 22 April

AFC Bournemouth v West Ham

Arsenal v Southampton

Brentford v Aston Villa

Brighton v Man City

Crystal Palace v Everton

Fulham v Leeds

Leicester v Wolves

Liverpool v Nottingham Forest

Man Utd v Chelsea

Newcastle v Spurs

Tuesday 25 April

19:45 Everton v Newcastle

19:45 Leeds v Leicester

19:45 Nottingham Forest v Brighton

19:45 Spurs v Man Utd

19:45 West Ham v Liverpool

19:45 Wolves v Crystal Palace

20:00 Aston Villa v Fulham

Wednesday 26 April

19:45 Chelsea v Brentford

19:45 Southampton v AFC Bournemouth

20:00 Man City v Arsenal

Saturday 29 April

AFC Bournemouth v Leeds

Arsenal v Chelsea

Brentford v Nottingham Forest

Brighton v Wolves

Crystal Palace v West Ham

Fulham v Man City

Leicester v Everton

Liverpool v Spurs

Man Utd v Aston Villa

Newcastle v Southampton

Saturday 6 May

AFC Bournemouth v Chelsea

Brighton v Everton

Fulham v Leicester

Liverpool v Brentford

Man City v Leeds

Newcastle v Arsenal

Nottingham Forest v Southampton

Spurs v Crystal Palace

West Ham v Man Utd

Wolves v Aston Villa

Saturday 13 May

Arsenal v Brighton

Aston Villa v Spurs

Brentford v West Ham

Chelsea v Nottingham Forest

Crystal Palace v AFC Bournemouth

Everton v Man City

Leeds v Newcastle

Leicester v Liverpool

Man Utd v Wolves

Southampton v Fulham

Saturday 20 May

AFC Bournemouth v Man Utd

Brighton v Southampton

Fulham v Crystal Palace

Liverpool v Aston Villa

Man City v Chelsea

Newcastle v Leicester

Nottingham Forest v Arsenal

Spurs v Brentford

West Ham v Leeds

Wolves v Everton

Sunday 28 May

16:00 Arsenal v Wolves

16:00 Aston Villa v Brighton

16:00 Brentford v Man City

16:00 Chelsea v Newcastle

16:00 Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest

16:00 Everton v AFC Bournemouth

16:00 Leeds v Spurs

16:00 Leicester v West Ham

16:00 Man Utd v Fulham

16:00 Southampton v Liverpool

Manchester City Win Premier League Title

Manchester City lift Premier League Throphy

Manchester City have won the English Premier League Title on the final day of the 2021/2022 season.

Mamchester City Players Celebrating goal Scored

They came from 2 goals down to beat Aston Villa by 3-2. Manchester City finished top of the table with 93 points.

Liverpool beat Wolves 3-1 to finish in second place with 92 points. No quadruple for them this season.

Chelsea came third with a distant 74 points while Tottenham finished 4th with 71 points.

Burnley, Watford and Norwich finished 18th(35 points), 19th (23 points) and 20th(22 points).

Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham qualify for the Champions League.

Arsenal and Manchester United qualify for Europa League.

WestHam qualify for  Conference League .

Burnley, Watford and Norwich are relegated.

English Premier League (Club Stats)

Manchester City scored the highest goals of the season: 99 goals followed by Liverpool with 94 goals, Chelsea came third with 76 goals scored.

Best defence goes to Manchester City, Liverpool coming second and Chelsea, coming a distant third. City and Liverpool both conceded 26 goals this season and Chelsea conceded 33 goals.

Norwich City is the team with the worst defence shipping a total of 84 goals conceded.

English Premier League (Player Stats.)

Heung Min Son of Tottenham is the highest goal scorer this season with 23 goals, followed by Salah of Liverpool with 22 goals and third is Christiano Ronaldo with 18 goals.

 Salah top the assist chart with 13 assists, followed by Alexander with 12 assists, both of Liverpool. Barnes of Leicester City is third with 11 assists.

Final Standings: English Premier League

English Premier League Table: Final Standings . Source: BBC sports.

How to Apply for Nigerian Passport Online

Nigerian Passport

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The application process is easy and it involves the following steps;

  • Fill the form and select a passport processing centre.
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Qualifiers From Africa for Qatar 2022 have emerged

African World Cup Final Qualifying Matches Scores

Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Morocco and Tunisia will be Africa’s representatives in the forthcoming FIFA WorldCup to be held in Qatar this year.

The Nigerian Super eagles will not be in Qatar 2022. Instead it is Ghana that goes through after holding the Nigerian team to a 1-1 draw in Abuja. The Nigerians did not do enough to win, however Ghana produced a highly tactical and defensive display and they must be commended. They were able to suppress the Nigerian midfielders in the second half of the match and should have even won that game if their strikers had been ruthless.

Cameroon overturned their first leg home defeat to beat Algeria 2-1 and qualify for Qatar 2022 against all odds. Kudos to them. They were never given any chance but they did it.

After Senegal’s one nil loss to Egypt in the first leg in Egypt, Senegal qualified after beating them on penalties in the second leg. However, it was a laser marred penalty shootout as some Senegalese fans kept pointing laser pens at Egyptian players taking the penalties. That’s home advantage used to the fullest..or the organizers will be taking a good look at the issue.

Morocco’s victory over DR Congo was never in doubt after forcing them to a 1-1 draw in the first leg.. Four nil winners in the second leg at home and Morocco cruises to Qatar 2022.

Away goal rule gave Tunisia victory over Mali and qualified them for the World Cup. After forcing Mail to a 1-1 draw in Mali, Tunisia then forced them to another goalless draw at home. 

Egypt Qualify for Final of Afcon 2021

Cameroon vs Egypt

It was a tense and difficult match as expected but in the end, Egypt beat Cameroon on penalties to book a final with Senegal.

The game was goalless after 120 minutes of football but Egypt would have scored in the 117 minute when a low cross just flew across the Cameroon goal post without any Egyptian striker to tap the ball in.

Cameroon gave a very good account of themselves in the match. They also had their chances.

In the end the game was settled through a penalty shootout. Egypt won 3-1 on penalties.

Cameroon will now play Burkina Faso for the 3rd position.

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Senegal Qualify for Afcon Final

Senegal celebrates

Senegal are through to the final of the African Cup of Nations (Afcon) 2021. They defeated Burkina Faso 3-1 to set a date against either Egypt or Cameroon. Senegal, who have never won the Afcon, have a very big chance to win it now. Senegal are the current top rated football team in Africa according to the latest FIFA rankings.

Burkina Faso’s very good run in the tournament came to an end in the semifinal. They gave a very good account of themselves but the Senegalese team was just too tough for them to handle. The first half of the match ended goalless with Senegal just edging it. Senegal were unrepentant with their fast attack on the Burkinabes defence. They were finally rewarded as the Burkina Faso defence made critical mistakes which led to all 3 goals Senegal scored.

Burkina Faso should be proud of themselves. They had a good tournament. They will have a chance to claim third place as they will play the loser of the match between Cameroon and Egypt.