EURO 2020: its Denmark vs England semifinal



Czech Republic1Loss


Date Time League Season Match Day
July 3, 2021 6:00 pm Euro 2020 fixtures Euro 2020 Quarter Finals


Baki Olimpiya Stadionu

Denmark continued with their winning streak as they defeated the strong Czech Republic by 2 goals to 1. Denmark opened scoring in the fifth minute when Thomas Delancy headed home. Kasper Dolberg then doubled the advantage as he volleyed home in the 42nd minute. Czech pulled one Back but it wasn’t enough.





Date Time League Season Match Day
July 3, 2021 8:00 pm Euro 2020 fixtures Euro 2020 Quarter Finals


Olimpico in Rome

England on the other hand trashed sorry Ukarine 4-0. Ukarine just gave up on England, they were just too good for them.

England will be waiting for Denmark in the semifinals.

Spectranet’s Free Unlimited Night to Morning Browsing Data Plans.

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Spectranet’s unified value data plans

Spectranet has revamped their internet data plans make them cheaper and affordable. Not only that, most of the plans now come with a free unlimited Night to Morning browsing. Free unlimited night to morning browsing starts from 1am – 8am while free unlimited morning browsing starts from 4am-8am in the morning.

There are many data plans to choose from. Their data plans are as categorized as follows;

Unified value plans

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Whether you will be given unlimited night or morning browsing depends on data plan categories you are subscribed to.

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When you subscribe to any unified value plan you qualify for free unlimited morning browsing. The cheapest unified value plans costs 3,070 naira for 8GB per month. You have free unlimited browsing from 4am-8am.

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In addition, you can always take advantage of Spectranet’s free periodical 100% data bonus when it is available for your account.

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Nigerian Presidential Speech Independence Day Address

Nigeria is 60 years old and President Muhammadu Buhari has delivered the Independence day address to all Nigerians.

Here are some of the important points from the Independence day address;

President shows appreciation to Nigerians.

The President recaps Nigeria’s political and democratic history since independence.

He stated that the country is not only for him or political parties alone,but for all Nigerians. All Nigerians must all unite to move the country forward.

That there is a plan to lift one million Nigerians out of poverty.

And for the country to be in the best top 20 economies in the world.

He commended the electoral process in Edo state which was peaceful and well coordinated. It showed Nigeria can conduct peaceful and credible elections.

He stated Nigerians must have respect for the rule of law.

The Ppresident noted the depreciation of the naira among other economic factors which have made the country’s revenue drop by 60%.

Sustaining subsidy on fuel is no longer visible.

Nigerians should bear with the present economic policies as these policies are in place to save the economy from collapse. Things will improve with time.

You can read the Full Presidential speech HERE

Happy 60th Anniversary.

Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission Removes Electricity Tariff Hike.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has officially suspended the electricity tariff hike. The information was released on their official website on Wednesday .

The suspension was reached upon during the meeting of government with the labour unions on the suspension of strike over the hike in electricity tariff and increase in pump price of petrol on Sunday night.

This means all electricity distribution companies are to revert to the old price as at August 31 2020.

It could be recalled that on September first, the electricity tariff was increased to 100% its original value for customers enjoying over 12hours of electricity in a 24hour period.

For full story you can read it on Sahara reporters

Nigerian Labour Unions Suspend Planned Strike.

Nigerian Labour unions have suspended the planned strike to commence Monday 28th of September 2020. The decision was made after a meeting with the Federal government. The meeting started 8.30pm Sunday, 27th September, and lasted into the early hours of Monday morning, September 28th.

The federal government agreed to suspend the hike in electricity tariff temporarily until a detailed analysis of the electricity supply and distribution system is made.

On petrol, it was deliberated that there was urgent need to increase the local refining capacity of the nation to reduce the overdependency on importation of petroleum products.

It was also resolved that tax on minimum wage be removed as a way of cushioning the impacts of the policy on the lowest vulnerable.

You can read more on this story HERE

Labour Unions Vows to go on Strike Despite Court Ruling against it

Nigeian labour unions have vowed to go on an indefinite strike starting Monday September 28th, 2020. This is as a result of the hike in electricity tariffs and fuel pump price . Government have been in a series of meetings with the labour unions to reach an agreement on the issue but talks remains deadlock.

However, the Nigerian industrial court has issued an interim order restraining the unions from embarking on strike. Justice Ibrahim Galadima issued the order on Thursday September 28th following an application filed by a group known as, Peace and Unity Ambassadors Association.

But the Nigerian labour union leaders said they will not comply with the court ruling and has vowed to go on strike unless the movement yields to its demands.

Another meting of the Government and Labour unions has been scheduled for Monday September 28th, the day the strike is expected to commence.

You can read the full story on the Punch Newspapers.