Hand writing effect in power point

Article written using PowerPoint 2013

Have some text already typed into a text box With segoe print font.

Get a picture of a hand holding a pen and scale it appropriately under the text.

Go to animation then animation pane.

select all the text and click the fade animation.

Set the duration to 0.5.

In the animation pane window, go to the handwriting animation event.

Click the down arrow next to the animation event and click effect options. Set Animate text to by letter.

Directly under Animate text, Set to 100% delay between letters then click ok to close the box. Test the animation, the letters should appear one by one.

Now to animating the hand holding a pen.

Multiply the number of letters in the text by the duration of the last animation which is 0.5.

This value will be the duration of the hand animation.

Go to the animation window, then look for and click motion paths, then custom paths.

The cursor will change to a crosshair, zoom into the text, then with your mouse or pen, trace the path of the text from start to finish as if you were writing it. 

The path will be recorded. Double click to preview the animation. Change the duration to the value previously calculated for the hand animation.

In the animation pane window click the down arrow next to the hand animation.

Then click effect options and set smooth start and smooth end to 0 sec. then click ok

Test the animation to see changes.

Now the text and hand animation has been made.

Try to position the hand holding pen picture under the text as realistically as possible.

Set the hand holding pen picture to bring to front.

Set the hand holding pen animation to start: with previous above the animation pane.

Test the animation. The hand holding pen should be writing the text smoothly now.

To make the hand holding pen go away after the animation you need an exit animation.

Go to add animation and click fly out

Set the fly out animation to Start: after previous

How to Resize Pictures with Your Android Phone

1.First things first, go to Google Play Store and search for “ Photo and Picture resizer” and download.

(Note : to view the size of picture on your android phone, click to select photo, then look to the top right of your screen and click the 3 dots(vertical), then click; Details)

2.Start the Photo and Picture resizer app you just downloaded.

3.Click, Select Photos.

4.Navigate to and click on the photo or photos you want to resize.

5.Click on Resize.

6.You will be presented with several resizing options including percentage, width & height and pixel resolution options.

If the preset picture sizing is not listed, click on Custom to set picture size to the one you want exactly.

7.In this example I will reduce the picture using the percentage option.

8. For instance click 75% to reduce the picture to 75% of its original dimension. Note the new reduced dimensions in pixels is stated.

9.To view the resized picture, click; See in resized photos

How to give a picture a transparent background using photoshop

Making the background of a picture transparent may become necessary if you want to place that picture within another picture. If the picture you want to place within doesn’t have a transparent background, the whole image may not look nice. Below is a short video on how to remove the background of a picture and make it transparent.

The steps are as follows;

Create a copy of the photo and use the copy for editing. 

Open the image with photoshop

To make the image editable, double click on its layer and click ok

Use the quick selection tool to select the part of the image that is not background.

Save the selection.

Next , with your selection still active, select the inverse.  This will select the background portion of the image.

Use the eraser tool to erase the background portion of the image to transparent.

Export the image as png with transparency enabled.

Watch the video for detailed process