How to do an lmage Search on Google ( Mobile)

The Google search engine on your mobile  phone is a portable version but still has all the necessary  features to enable you to perform a good search.

Of course you can still access the desktop version of google search on your mobile phone.However, you may have to do a lot of panning and zooming depending on your screen size.

This article briefly describes how you can do image search using google search mobile.

There are 2 ways you can access google image search. You can either go to then click, images  at the top of your screen. Or, just directly go to Even if you entered, Google will still take you to image search.

In the image search bar you can type the title of the picture you want to search for.

Google search engine is very smart. For instance you can go beyond just searching for a type of picture. You can type both the title of the picture and the file type and click search. Let say you want to search for pictures of sand, in addition you also want the file type to be png. Then just type sand png in the search bar and images of different types of sand with file type png will be returned.

You can still go a step further and type; sand png 1280 x 720px in the search bar. The search engine will return different sand images of file type png and size 1280 × 720 pixels.

When you click on an image result, you will be given the option to visit the website that has the picture. If you click and hold the picture, you will be given the option to download the image.

Google has other tools that can help refine your image search. Just take a good look at all the options available. Picking the settings icon at the top left just before the picture results will give you the option of searching only pictures with creative common license. That is, pictures you can reuse without having copyright issues.

Also note that once you perform an image search, other search categories such as videos, maps, books, etc become available.

There is so much more you can do with google image search and indeed google search engine as a whole. I have written this short article to give insight. Feel free to explore google search and get the search you want.

About Engine Oil Consumption of Your Car

Cars consume engine oil, but oil consumption is minimal.

Note that the amount of engine oil your car consumes will depend on viscosity, quality of the oil and the way you drive your car.

Your car consumes engine oil when you drive at high speeds and also frequent acceleration and deceleration.

A new engine consumes engine oil.

Normally your car should consume about one liter of engine oil every 1000km (600 miles).

If your car consumes much more then have it checked by a qualified personnel.

You should also note that engine oil drops on the floor under the car and oil stains on the engine body need to checked by qualified personnel.

Chelsea shows Champions Stuff( Premier league match day 3 roundup)

Match day 3 of the English Premier League has concluded. Tottenham top the table with 9 points

 Westham, Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th respectively on 7 points each. 

Arsenal bottom of the table with zero points from 3 matches. The last, their humiliating 5 nil defeat to Manchester City.

Chelsea showed champions stuff when they forced Liverpool  to a 1-1 draw at Anfield. Chelsea played with 10 men the whole of the second half and were able to contain the Liverpool  attack with a defensive masterclass.

See all matchday 3 results.

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[team_standings 3414]

Manchester City set to Compound Arsenal’s Wows

After two defeats to Brentford and Chelsea, Arsenal look set for another defeat as they take on Manchester City at the Etihad. City responded well to their first game defeat by trashing Norwich 5-0. They are looking forward to another 3 points against Arsenal this weekend.

The game will be the first match of March day 3 in the premier league.

Time of Manchester City vs Arsenal is 12.30 pm Nigerian time.

All English premier league matches this weekend

Where to watch the Manchester City vs Arsenal match

DSTV, & SHOWMAX( pro subscription).

All premier league matches this weekend

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Chelsea’s Title Credentials on the Line against Liverpool this Weekend

Liverpool vs Chelsea

Chelsea will take on an in-form and full strength Liverpool side at Anfield this weekend. Both sides have won their first 2 matches so far. This match promises to be mouth watering.

Chelsea were excellent against Arsenal last time out. But we can argue that Arsenal performed poorly sometimes during the game.

It will be interesting to see how Lukaku fares against Van Dijk. How the Chelsea defence will survive against the attacking threat  posed by Salah and Mane.

We should also note that Chelsea under Tomas Tuchel have mastered a way of beating strong sides including Manchester City, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and the like. Liverpool must prepare very well for this game as any mistake on their part could cost them.

Time of Liverpool Chelsea match;

Sat. 28. August, 2021 @ 17:30 Nigerian time.

Where to watch the Liverpool vs Chelsea Match?

DSTV, GOTV & SHOWMAX( pro subscription).

All premier league matches this weekend

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