Premier League Fixtures Round 7

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We are already into round 7 of the english premier league.

In the early game today, Wolves beat Crystal Palace 2-0. This win moved them into 3rd place on the table with 13 points.

On Saturday, Burnley takes on Chelsea. On paper Chelsea is the better team but Burnley have always caused them problems. Manchester City play bottom of the table Sheffield United. Liverpool will become premier league leaders if they beat WestHam.

On Sunday Nov. 1st, Aston Villa will play Southampton in the early game. Southamton have been impressive so far in the league, they defeated Everton last time out and I’m backing them to beat Aston Villa.

Everton play Newcastle in the second game of the day. Everton have had a good start to the season, they are top of the league but they must beat Newcastle to remain top.

The match of the day; Manchester United Vs Arsenal. Chelsea were at Old Trafford last weekend and got a draw, can Arsenal win them?. Manchester United are going to this game on the back of a 5 -0 demolition of RB Leipzig last Wednesday in the champions league

Mourinho’s Tottenham need to be careful when they take on Brighton in the last Sunday game. 

On Monday, Fulham will take on West Brom. Fulham will have a chance to improve on their last outing against Crystal Palace. Leeds play Leicester City in the last game of the day. Both teams played away and won their matches last time out. It will be interesting to see how Leicester approaches this difficult game.

Premier league table as it stands

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Signs That Your Clutch System is Going Bad

The Clutch is that part of your car that connects the engine to the transmission. It helps to start  to move and regulate the speed of your Vehicle. A failing clutch will give you a not so pleasant driving experience. 

The Clutch is an assembly of different parts, so having a clutch problem doesn’t really mean that the whole clutch system needs to be changed.

Here are some common signs that your clutch system is going bad;

Smell like burning rubber.

This is usually a common sign of a clutch problem. It can occur when the revolutions of the engine and the speed don’t match. For instance,  you may notice this smell when you press the accelerator (throttle) to speed up the car, the engine revolves at higher revolutions per minute and  the car speed doesn’t match up, or takes more than usual to match up. This phenomenon is more apparent when you are climbing a hilly road.

Notice that you may also perceive a burning smell if you are fond of pressing the clutch while the car is in motion.

Grinding noise when changing to gear one

If you hear a grinding noise when changing gears, particularly lower gears such as gear one; then the clutch needs repair. In a worst case scenario you won’t be able to change gears.

Engine running without corresponding speed.

This is a situation in which the RPM is high but your car speed doesn’t match up. A failing clutch may be the problem.

Car vibrates

When you start moving the car on gear one and it vibrates before moving smoothly, the clutch may be the culprit. The car could also vibrate if some parts of the engine mount is loose or broken. The engine mount is what holds the car engine in place.

The clutch pedal is not like before.

If the clutch pedal feels too soft, too hard, or spongy when pressed this is a sign your clutch system needs to be serviced.

Champions League Match Day 2

Round 2 of the UEFA Champions league matches will take place today and tomorrow.

Manchester City will take on the French side Marseille. City will hope to consolidate their position at the top of group C with a win. Marseille will try to make things difficult for the English side and hope to get their first points of the campaign.

Liverpool will have their change to top group D as they take on Midtjyland. Real Madrid will get to winning ways if they can beat B. Mgladbach. InterMilan will have Real Madrid conquerors; Shakhtar Donetsk to contend with.

On Wednesday, Chelsea will take on Krasnodar in game must win game to make things easier for them in group E. In a mouthwatering clash, Juventus will play Barcelona. whoever wins this match will top group G

Manchester United will consolidate their position in group H if they can beat RB Leipzig. PSG must beat Basaksehir after their 2-1 home loss to Manchester United.

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The Upcoming US presidential Election; What You Should Know.

The US Presidential election will be held on Tuesday 3rd November 2020. The two main contestants are President Donald Trump of the Repulican party and Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

How the US presidential election system works.

The US uses the electoral college system, so winning the most votes does not guarantee winning the election. Voters will vote to select Presidential electors who will in turn vote on December 14,2020 to elect a new President or retain the incumbent.

Each state is assigned a number of Presidential electors based on the population in each state. Whichever party that wins the presidential election in a particular state wins all the number of presidential electors assigned to that state. The presidential electors themselve are to remain faithful and vote for the presidential and vice presidential  candidate that won the election in their respective states. There are 538 presidential electors in total and for a presidential candidate to win, 270 or more must vote in favour.

Since the US presidential election is not simply based on the number of votes cast, presidential candidates usually concentrate their campaign on states that have high number of  presidential electors. Below are some states with high number of electors;

California: 55


New York: 29

Florida : 29

Illinois: 20

Pennsylvania: 20

electoral map of the 2020 November election

Who is going to win the US presidential election, Trump or Biden?

National opinion polls currently predict that Biden will win the election as he is leading by 7% over his incumbent rival, Trump. However it is still a close call as no one can clearly say who will win. In 2016 Hillary Clinton led in the polls and had about 3 million more votes than Trump but she still lost because she won fewer presidential electors.

The winner of the US 2020 presidential election will be inaugurated on Wednesday, 20th January, 2021 according to latest reports.

If Biden wins the election,he will be the first candidate to defeat an incumbent president in 28 years since Republican George H. W Bush’s defeat to Bill Clinton in 1992.

Premier League Fixtures & Results Round 6

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Aston Villa Vs Leeds

Aston villa takes on Leads in the Late Friday game. Aston Villa has been excellent so far with 4 wins out of 4 and I  see them maintaining that feat against Leeds United.

Manchester United Vs Chelsea

Manchester United have been impressive with wins over Newcastle and PSG. Chelsea will need to do something specially to take any point off them.

West Ham Vs Manchester City.

Manchester City travel to West Ham. Manchester City will need to work hard for the 3points. Recall that West Ham are coming on the back of a comeback 3-3 draw against Tottenham.

Liverpool Vs Sheffield United.

Liverpool have another chance to take all 3 points.

Southampton Vs Everton

League leaders Everton played well against Champions Liverpool last time out. Well this is another tough test for them.

Arsenal Vs Leicester City

Arsenal lost to Man. City last time out. Leicester City are always tough opponents, but Arsenal are playing at home.

Burnley Vs Tottenham

Tottenham lost a 3 goal lead with 12 minutes of the match remaining in the game with West Ham. They will have to be very careful against Burnley because Bunley can capitalise.

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Design Requirements for Reinforced Concrete Masonry as per IS codes.

Masonry Unit.

Minimum compressive strength of masonry units used in reinforced masonry shall not be less than 7Mpa. Steel reinforcement of grade Fe 415 or less shall be used


At least M20 grade concrete should be used.

Minimum cover for steel reinforcement is 15mm top and bottom cover; 20mm for side cover.

Mortar Bed.

High strength mortars H1 or H2 shall be used in mortar bed.

Structural Continuity.

Where floor transfer horizontal forces to wall, there must be proper anchorage of steel reinforcement from floor to wall reinforcement.

Effective Span.

For simply supported/continuous members the smaller of;

  • Distance between centers of supports.
  • Clear distance between supports plus and effective depth, d.

For cantilever; the greater of;

  • Distance between the end of the cantilever and the centre of support.
  • Distance between the end of the cantilever and the face of support plus half its effective depth whichever is greater.

Slenderness Ratio. Walls/Columns.

Ratio of effective height Hef to effective thickness Tef for walls should not exceed 27. For columns; 20