Sony Confirms the Upcoming PSVR 2


Sony has finally revealed that there is a next gen PSVR 2 coming soon. It is in the final stages of development. The new design will feature black and white like the PS5 design.

The model looks like the original PS VR but with new features such as lens adjustment dial and a reduction in weight.

The PSVR 2 will support haptic feedback, eye tracking, 4k HDR, 90& 120HZ frame rates, and a field of view of 110°. It will connect to the PS5 with a single USB C cable

And for PS4 users, bad news, PSVR 2 will be PS5 exclusive so it won’t be compatible with your last gen Playstation 4.

Good driving practice for manual transmission vehicles

Manual transmission

Press the clutch pedal down fully will shifting gear, and then release it slowly

Do not rest your foot on the pedal while driving; it will eventually damage the clutch system.

Do not also use the clutch to hold the vehicle when stopped on an uphill grade. Use the hand or parking brake instead.

Upshifting too soon or downshifting too late will cause lugging and possible pinging.

Regular reviving the engine to maximum speed in each gear will cause excessive engine wear and high fuel consumption.

Sometimes it may be difficult to shift into reverse. Anytime this happens, first put the transmission in neutral, release the clutch momentarily and try again.

Facts about Engine Oil Consumption

Pouring fresh engine oil

Functions of engine oil:

Engine oil has the primary functions of lubrication and cooling the inside of the engine. The engine oil inside of a car engine is similar to blood inside of a human being. If the engine oil inside your car is not well taken care of, the engine will not last.

Engine oil consumption:

It is normal that an engine should consume some oil during a normal working process. The reasons for engine consumption are as follows.

Oil is used to lubricate pistons, piston rings and cylinders. A thin film of oil is left on the cylinder wall when a piston moves downwards in a cylinder. High negative pressure generated when the vehicle is decelerating sucks some of this oil into the combustion chamber. This oil as well as some part of the oil film left in the cylinder wall is burned by the high temperature during the combustion process.

Oil is also used to lubricate the stems if the intake valves. Some of this oil is sucked into the combustion chamber together with the intake air and is burned along with the fuel. High temperature exhaust gases also burn the oil used to lubricate the exhaust valve stems.

The amount of engine oil consumed depends on the viscosity of the oil, the quality of the oil and the conditions the vehicle is driven under.

More oil is consumed by high speed driving, frequent acceleration and deceleration.

A new engine consumes more oil because it’s pistons, rings and cylinder walls have not become conditioned.

Importance of engine oil level check

One if the important habit of vehicle maintenance is to keep the engine oil at the optimum level. This will keep the engine in optimal working conditions. It is essentially that the oil level be checked regularly. At least chect the engine oil level everytime you refuel your car.

How You Can Repair Your Faulty Electrical Appliance Yourself

Repair tools

I don’t advise that you fix your faulty electrical appliance yourself if you are not a professional at it. However if you still want to fix it yourself, follow the guidelines stated below.

  1. Consult your warranty if it still remains in force or valid. You will render your warranty void if you attempt repairs yourself unless you don’t mind.
  2. First try a simple solution to see if it would fix the problem before going complex.
  3. Take safety precautions before you begin working in the appliance. Cut off electricity or water or both to the appliance before working on it.
  4. Be systemic, understand how the system works and how the individual parts work. Identify those parts that are working well and those that don’t. Work on the parts that don’t work. Read all the repair instructions if any.Take a good look of how the individual parts are arranged and coupled together.
  5. Make sure you have the correct tools to open up and repair the appliance.
  6. Know your limitations. If you feel you cannot undertake the repair yourself then call the manufacturer or a qualified service personnel.

Chelsea Win FIFA Club World Cup

Chelsea Win Club World Cup

Chelsea have finally won the FIFA club world cup. They are now world champions. They achieved this feat after an extra time win against Brazilian South American Champions.

The game was always going to be a tough one for Chelsea against one of the best South American sides.

Chelsea were on top throughout the game. They had more possession but their problem was creating chances and taking them.

They finally got their reward in the 54th minute after a cross by Hudson- Odoi was headed in by Lukaku.

Palmeiras equalized in the 64th minute from a penalty after a hand ball in the Chelsea box.

However, deep in extra time, Chelsea went ahead after Havertz converted a penalty in the 117 mins to seal their first ever World cup win.

Chelsea , the European and SuperCup champions, are now World Champions.

Warranties of Electrical/ Mechanical appliances: What does it mean

Every electrical/ mechanical appliance you purchase has some kind of warranty that comes with it even if there is nothing spelled out in writing. If there is a written warranty, read it carefully, know what it says and take advantage of it.

The terms guarantee and warranty are used interchangeably to mean a promise relating to performance of the product.

2 types of warranty:

  1. An implied warranty that is warranty of good quality
  2. Written warranty.

The first assures that the product sold is of good quality and will serve the purpose. The second in addition to the first type , states what the supplier will do and will not do if the product breaks down.

The written warranty.

Treat the warranty just as how you would normally treat the appliance itself. Don’t just throw it away. It costs the manufacturer money to fulfill the warranty terms and part of that cost is already included in the price you purchased the product.

What information should be included in a warranty.

  1. Who is the warrantor ?, is the name and address included?.
  2. Who will repair the product?Is it the dealer or the manufacturer?
  3. How long is the warranty in effect?
  4. Does the warranty cover all of the product or part of it?
  5. Who pays for parts , labor and shipping charges.
  6. If the product is removed for repairs, will a substitute product be provided as replacement ?
  7. On what grounds can the product be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer/ dealer.

Most warranties distinguish between defect and damage. A defect is the warrantor’s responsibility, and damage is the customer’s responsibility.

A defect is any fault that exists in the product when it was sold or develops within a specified time limit as long as the defect doesn’t stem from improper use.

Damage is the result of improper use of the appliance. For instance the damage of a blender by  overloading or  running it for more than the period specified at a time.