Sony Confirms the Upcoming PSVR 2


Sony has finally revealed that there is a next gen PSVR 2 coming soon. It is in the final stages of development. The new design will feature black and white like the PS5 design.

The model looks like the original PS VR but with new features such as lens adjustment dial and a reduction in weight.

The PSVR 2 will support haptic feedback, eye tracking, 4k HDR, 90& 120HZ frame rates, and a field of view of 110°. It will connect to the PS5 with a single USB C cable

And for PS4 users, bad news, PSVR 2 will be PS5 exclusive so it won’t be compatible with your last gen Playstation 4.

Gran Turismo 7 promises to deliver the best yet

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 will be coming soon on the PS5 and PS4 platforms. The game will be available from March 4, 2022. You can preorder on

Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of Gran Turismo has promised that this latest series will be the best yet.According to him, if you love cars, you will love this game. He called Gran Turismo 7 a car life stimulator.

The cars will look more as in real life than ever before. Upgraded graphics display. Real life weather has been fully stimulated into gameplay. More music and sound tracks have been added. There will even be a game mode that will emphasize more on enjoying the music than racing. Fine tuning and upgrading your car is now much easier than before. 

The game will require an online connection in order to protect data and prevent cheating. 

So if you are someone that likes to admire cars or real life simulated car racing. Gran Turismo 7 is for you. Coming soon to PS4 and PS5

Latest games on the PS4 and PS5 released in October

Far cry 6

Far cry 6 immerses the gamer into a new morden revolutionary guerrilla warfare. Play as Dani Rojas and become a guerrilla fighter to liberate the nation. Stunning graphics, adrenaline filled get ready for the action.

Fifa 22

Fifa 22 promises the be the most advanced, realistic and responsive game experience ever. Made possible with the power of the ps5. 

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Immersive Sci Fi with  Guardians at your side, blast your way from one situation to another, with original and iconic Marvel characters caught in a struggle for the fate of the galaxy

Back 4 blood

From the makers of left for dead. Find your way through a very dynamic and dangerous world. Play in in a four-player co-op story campaign where you must work together to survive increasingly challenging missions.

Alan Wake Remastered

This is an award-winning cinematic action game from Remedy Entertainment. Play AS Max Payne. This game is a whole overall improvement. 

Why You Should Buy The PS5 Digital Edition

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) was launched in 2 variants. They are;

  1. The standard edition.
  2. The disc less or digital only edition.
PS5 Standard Edition

The standard edition comes equipped with a Blu-ray disc drive and a hard disk drive. The disc less edition comes equipped with only a hard disc drive.

If you purchase the PS5 Digital Edition, it means you won’t be able to play PS5 games stored on Blu Ray CDs because it has no disc drive. You can only play games downloaded to your hard drive from the PlayStation and affiliate stores.

Aside from these differences, both PS5 editions have the same specifications. 

The official price for the standard edition goes for $499 while that of the digital only edition goes for $399.

Why you should buy the PS5 Digital Edition 

PS5 Digital Edition
  1. It is $100  cheaper, and with the same power and performance of the standard edition.
  2. If you have a cheap and fast internet. connection in your area. This will enable you to download games cheaply and economically.
  3. You want a less weighty PS5. 
  4. You prefer digital game and movie downloads/ streaming, to buying the same on a Blu- ray disc. 
  5. You have a means of easily paying for digital games and movie downloads from PlayStation and affiliated  stores.

PlayStation 5 has Arrived

The PlayStation 5 (PS5)

The much anticipated playstation 5 has arrived. Out in stores since Nov. 12. It was said that all the PS5 consoles available on launch day were sold out. The PS5 takes over from the best selling PS4.

But will this next gen console be a success? Time will tell. The PS5 has been played; it possesses stunning 4k graphics and faster loading times. Sony says the console is compatible with 8k Tv, but the console presently caps at 4k. Looks like there will be a future 8k upgrade later on.

Difference between PS5 and PS4

The PlayStation 5 is superior when compared to the PS4. Presently the  only notable difference is the faster loading times and 4k graphics. PS4 runs at  a resolution of 1080p.The PS5 is said to be capable of producing games never before possible but game producers are still catching up to this reality. If you are not a fan of graphics and the patient type, then you can still stick to your PS4 for a year of two.

Difference between the PS5 and PS4 Pro

The PS5 is also much more powerful than the PS4 pro. It launches games about 10-20 seconds faster. Games have more visual clarity on the PS5 than the PS4 pro. But the PS4 pro also runs on 4k so if you are not looking closely, you might not notice the difference.

PlayStation 5 Games

The PlayStation 5 will be supporting a lot of next generation games, some of which were released on Nov. 12. One of them is the PS5 exclusive game; Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which features ray tracing which gives the game more realistic lighting and shadow effects. The PS5 comes preinstalled with Astro’s Playroom which showcases the PS5 controller capabilities.

PS5 Size and Noise

The PS5 is the Biggest home console ever made. It has a length of 15.4 inches, breadth of 10.24 inches and thickness of 4.09 inches. Very big indeed. I hope just has it was with the PS4, Sony will trim down the size and give us a PS5 slim as well. Compared to the PS4, the PS5 is a noisier Machine.

Where to Buy PS5

The easiest way to know where to buy PS5 is to search online on google or other search engines to locate a retailer close to you. Amazon for instance is a good play to buy online. If you are in the US, UK, Canada and other accepted countries, you can buy from the official PlayStation website.