What consitutes Coca-cola soft drink


In short, what are the ingredients that are used to make the world’s most popular soft drink, cocacola?

According to the makers themselves, they are;

Water. It constitutes 90% of the drink.

Purified carbon dioxide. This gives the drink its bubbles or fizz.

Sugar. Note that diet coke and zero coke are sugar free.

Caramel colour. Gives coca cola its characteristic colour.

Phosphoric Acid. Gives coca cola its sharp sour taste.

Caffeine. Gives coca cola its slight bitter taste.

Flavours. Cola flavour.

How Chcolate Bars are made From Cocoa

cocoa pod

Chocolate is made from cocoa. I will briefly discuss the making of chocolate bars from cocoa in these 5 steps;


Storage & fermentation 

Sun drying 





The 2 major species of cocoa pods change from green to a yellowish or reddish colour respectively when ripe.

Storage & fermentation

Remove the cocoa seeds from the pods and store in a closed container for about a week. The process will ferment the cocoa seeds and give it a unique flavour. You can skip this step if you like.

Sun drying

Take out the seeds , spread them out on a tray and then sun dry. Sun drying the seeds can take up to 3 days. You can also skip this step, however roasting times may be higher.


Roasting the cocoa beans will give the chocolate flavour you need. Roasting can take about 15 to 20 minutes. Roast on moderate heat. When the seeds are done their outer shells crack out easily with little pressure. Also their outer shells crack and give off a popping sound during roasting.


This is a critical process in the making of chocolate. The goal is to grind the roasted seeds to a very smooth paste. Try to use very little no water at all during the grinding process. You can use a high powered blender or a hand steel grinder.

During the grinding you also add sugar and or milk and other flavours to taste. 

Chocolate bar


Pour the blended chocolate mixture into chocolate bar moulds ( made of plastic material) and store in a fridge or freezer.

After about an hour you will have your homemade chocolate bar.

How to make Pasta

In this article I will explain generally how pasta is made. Pasta is usually called spaghetti, macaroni and so on.

The simplest ingredients to make pasta are flour and water. Some cooks use eggs and wheat flour, some also use different types of flour that is mixed together with eggs and a pinch of salt.

Pasta machine

A small amount of water is mixed with the flour to form a workable dough. The dough is then left to rest for about 20 mins to make it more workable.

Thereafter the dough is now cut into various pasta shapes including the popular thin long strand spaghetti shapes. The cutting and shaping can be done with a pasta cutting and shaping machine or by hand.

After cutting/ shaping, the pasta is ready to cook. Or it  can be left to dry at room temperature for future use.

How to make Mayonnaise at Home

Many people usually get their Mayonnaise from the store, however, you can easily make your own Mayonnaise at home.

All you need are;

  • Blender
  • Raw Eggs ( 1 or 2)
  • Lemon or lime juice( about 2 tablespoon)
  • Vegetable oil. (½ litre)
  • Little bit of salt and sugar (2 cubes) to taste.


Set the blender to low speed.

Put the eggs, lemon juice, salt and sugar and blend to a smooth consistency.

Blended eggs , lemon juice, sugars and salt mixture

With the blender still set to low speed and the blended mixture still inside, start the blender again. Open the cover of the blender jar at the top and very slowly pour the vegetable oil as the blender is mixing.

Continue pouring the oil slowly until the mixture thickens. You will know when the mixture has thickened because the blender will struggle to continue blending the mixture. 

mayonnaise in the making
home made Mayonnaise

There you have it. Your homemade mayonnaise.

How to Make Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder

There are several ways to make cocoa powder.  This article will reveal how to make cocoa powder from roasted cocoa beans.

I have written an article in which I explained  the process of making chocolate cream from cocoa. You can read the full article HERE

As you blend the roasted cocoa beans, it is going to be a dry blend at first. Further blending will make the blend pasty. So dont let the blend get pasty. The dry blend is the cocoa powder. To sweeten, you can add sugar, milk and other dry flavours and  blend.

How to make Palm Kernel Seed Oil

Palm Kernel seed oil

Palm kernel seed oil has a lot of health benefits particularly in babies and toddlers. It is said to prevent convulsions in babies. When applied to a baby’s head it also helps to close the gap in the baby’s skull.

Palm Kernel seed oil is oil that is extracted from palm kernel seeds. It should not be confused with palm oil. To get the palm kernel seeds, you will have to break the hard shell covering them.


Note: The process generates a lot of smoke so do it in a well ventilated room or outside the house.

Put the palm kernel seeds into a stainless steel pot and place on the cooker with moderate heat applied. Continue stirring the seeds in the pot as they are being fried ( do not add water). 

Continue stirring until oil forms. When a substantial quantity of oil has formed you can drain  it through an iron net sieve.

When oil has been fully extracted from the palm kernel seeds, the seeds will appear burnt.

The whole process can take over 30 mins depending on the type of pot used, cooking heat applied and the amount of seeds being processed.