Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission Removes Electricity Tariff Hike.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has officially suspended the electricity tariff hike. The information was released on their official website on Wednesday .

The suspension was reached upon during the meeting of government with the labour unions on the suspension of strike over the hike in electricity tariff and increase in pump price of petrol on Sunday night.

This means all electricity distribution companies are to revert to the old price as at August 31 2020.

It could be recalled that on September first, the electricity tariff was increased to 100% its original value for customers enjoying over 12hours of electricity in a 24hour period.

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Design steps to be followed for an Unreinforced Masonry Wall as per IS 1905(1987)

Here are the design steps to be followed for an unreinforced masonry wall.

  1. Estimate the self weight and imposed loads. See IS 875 part 1&2 on how to go about it.
  2. Estimate the eccentricity ratio taking moments about the centerline of the wall. You can use the equation stated below to calculate eccentricity ratio. WE=w1e1+w2e2 where W is the weight of the masonry wall and E is the eccentricity. Eccentricity ratio is E divided by thickness of the wall.
  3. Estimate the effective height, length and thickness of the wall.
  4. Calculate slenderness ratio as the lesser of the 2; effective height / effective thickness or effective length / effective thickness.
  5. With the eccentricity and slenderness ratios; estimate the stress reduction factor from the code . If necessary you can also estimate area reduction factor and shape modification factor.
  6. Calculate the compressive stress of the wall based on the wall load. Then divide by stress reduction factor, to arrive at the basic compressive stress required.
  7. Apply increase inĀ  basic compressive stress if eccentricity is significant. Increase of up to 25% is allowed by the code
  8. With the help of TABLE 8 of the IS code 1905,and using the basic compressive stress, chose the appropriate unit strength and mortar mix required.

Over One Million People Have Died from Coronavirus

Over one million people worldwide have died from the coronavirus pandemic since its inception. This is according to Johns Hopkins University’s tally.

In the United States alone, over seven million cases out of which more than 205,000 deaths. There are fears covid-19 case could surge as winter sets in. The much awaited official covid-19 vaccine will not be ready until November.

In India, cases have surpassed 6 million with US, Brazil, India, and Mexico accounting for more than 50% of the total deaths worldwide. 

In Europe there are fears of a second wave of the pandemic as lockdown reinstructions are being eased.

Even with the announcements of an official vaccine to come soon, it will still take time for things to get back to normal globally.

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English Premier League Fixtures & Results (round 4)

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The English Premier league returns. Today 3rd October , Chelsea takes on Crystal place at home and will hope for an easy 3points. You can watch Chelsea vs Crystal Palace live on NTA, Silverbird and SuperSport. Brighton away to high flying Everton. Man city will look to bounce back as they take on Leeds united at Elland Road while Newcastle United will try to edge out Burnley.

Nigerian Labour Unions Suspend Planned Strike.

Nigerian Labour unions have suspended the planned strike to commence Monday 28th of September 2020. The decision was made after a meeting with the Federal government. The meeting started 8.30pm Sunday, 27th September, and lasted into the early hours of Monday morning, September 28th.

The federal government agreed to suspend the hike in electricity tariff temporarily until a detailed analysis of the electricity supply and distribution system is made.

On petrol, it was deliberated that there was urgent need to increase the local refining capacity of the nation to reduce the overdependency on importation of petroleum products.

It was also resolved that tax on minimum wage be removed as a way of cushioning the impacts of the policy on the lowest vulnerable.

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How to Play movie and music files in your USB Flash drive on PS4

PS4 and USB flah drive
PS4 & USB flash drive

Using your PC format your USB flash drive to FAT file format or ensure it is in FAT 32 file format.

right click USB storage on pc then properties
right click USB storage on pc then properties

To ensure your USB flash drive is in the required format,for windows 10 PCs, insert the USB into your PC. Then navigate to the USB storage icon, right click and click PROPERTIES, there you should see the file system format on your USB flash drive.

If the USB flash drive is not on FAT 32, then you need to Format it. To do so right click on the USB storage icon then click FORMAT. Ensure the file system is set to FAT32, then click START to format the USB drive.

Next open the USB flash drive and create a new folder and give it a name. This is the folder you will store your media files.

Create folder in usb drive to store media files
Create folder in usb drive to store media files

To keep things in order create a folder called VIDEOS to store video files and create another folder called MUSIC to store music files. 

On your PS4, download the app called MEDIA PLAYER and ensure it is installed on the console.

PS4 media player
PS4 media player

Insert the USB flash drive in your PS4 then start MEDIA PLAYER.

Media player will display your USB flash drive storage. Click on it and navigate to the folder called VIDEOS (you created earlier on your PC) then it will display the movie files available. Just click on any movie file to play.

Repeat a similar process to play music files.

The PS4 supports several media file format including;


For more information refer to the PlayStation 4 user guide