Frank Lampard has been Sacked

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard has been sacked as Chelsea manager just after 18 months in charge. Lampard lead Chelsea to 4th position in the league and FA cup final last season.  He has also helped Chelsea easily qualify for the second round in pole position, in this season’s champions league.

Chelsea  started this season’s premier league campaign on a good note, hoping to fight for the title. Towards the end of 2020, they were top of the premier league. But things have turned sour as Chelsea have lost 5 out of their past 8 matches. They are presently 9th on the table.

Lampard’s sack was confirmed on Monday 25 January by the Chelsea management citing poor run of results.

Even Chelsea’s last 3-1 win over Luton in their lasted FA cup match couldn’t  save him

Lampard was appointed on a 3year contract in July 2019. He is disappointed not to have had the time to take the club forward.

However, Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich said Lampard’s status as an important icon of the club remains intact despite his sacking.

Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea has appointed former PSG coach: Thomas Tuchel to take over from Lampard. He may be available  as early as Chelsea’s home game against Wolves on Wednesday

The US removes Reciprocity fees for Nigerians

The United States has since December 3 removed reciprocity fees for Nigerian Visa applicants.

It could be recalled that in 2019, The United States imposed the reciprocity fee for all approved non-immigrant visa applications by Nigerians.

This fee was charged in addition to visa application fees for applicants who are issued visas.

reciprocity fees charged Nigerians ranged from $80 to $303.Which depends on the class of visa obtained,

The US Embassy in Nigeria said the reciprocity fees were imposed on Nigeria because the cost of US citizen obtaining a Nigerian Visa was much more expensive than the cost of a Nigerian getting a US visa. The reciprocity fee was meant to eliminate the cost difference as required by US laws.
But since the Nigerian Government have removed the excess application and processing fees of US citizens seeking Nigerian visas, the US Government have therefor eliminated reciprocity fees for Nigerian citizens.
For more update on reciprocity fees removal, applicants are encouraged to visit US travel state

2020 United States Presidential Election.

The United States Presidential Election has come and gone. It is no longer news that the incumbent; Donald Trump has been defeated by Joe Biden. Trump is the first United States president to lose reelection since 1992. Voter turnout is the highest since the 1900s. Both candidates received over 70 million votes with Biden receiving over 79 million votes, the highest ever in favour of any presidential candidate. Biden’s Presidency will be confirmed when he and his vice; Kamala Harris are officially voted in by congress on January 6, 2021.

At the time of writing, vote counting is officially still on, but Biden has an insurmountable lead of 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232. Biden is also leading Trump by almost 5million in popular votes. The election also had a record high number of votes casted early by mail due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

At the start of vote counting after the November 3 election, Trump took early lead. But as the large number of mail in ballots were being counted, Biden took the lead and maintained it till He surpassed the 270 electoral votes mark required to win the election.

Biden is already setting things in place as he prepares to take over at the WhiteHouse. President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris will be inaugurated on January  20, 2021.

Outgoing President, Donald Trump is yet to acknowledge Biden’s victory sighting vote counting irregularities. He has instigated lawsuits in some swing states challenging election results and demanding vote recount. Vote recounts have been done in some of these states confirming Biden’s victory.

The 2020 United States Presidential election has so far been adjudged free and fair.

The Upcoming US presidential Election; What You Should Know.

The US Presidential election will be held on Tuesday 3rd November 2020. The two main contestants are President Donald Trump of the Repulican party and Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

How the US presidential election system works.

The US uses the electoral college system, so winning the most votes does not guarantee winning the election. Voters will vote to select Presidential electors who will in turn vote on December 14,2020 to elect a new President or retain the incumbent.

Each state is assigned a number of Presidential electors based on the population in each state. Whichever party that wins the presidential election in a particular state wins all the number of presidential electors assigned to that state. The presidential electors themselve are to remain faithful and vote for the presidential and vice presidential  candidate that won the election in their respective states. There are 538 presidential electors in total and for a presidential candidate to win, 270 or more must vote in favour.

Since the US presidential election is not simply based on the number of votes cast, presidential candidates usually concentrate their campaign on states that have high number of  presidential electors. Below are some states with high number of electors;

California: 55


New York: 29

Florida : 29

Illinois: 20

Pennsylvania: 20

electoral map of the 2020 November election

Who is going to win the US presidential election, Trump or Biden?

National opinion polls currently predict that Biden will win the election as he is leading by 7% over his incumbent rival, Trump. However it is still a close call as no one can clearly say who will win. In 2016 Hillary Clinton led in the polls and had about 3 million more votes than Trump but she still lost because she won fewer presidential electors.

The winner of the US 2020 presidential election will be inaugurated on Wednesday, 20th January, 2021 according to latest reports.

If Biden wins the election,he will be the first candidate to defeat an incumbent president in 28 years since Republican George H. W Bush’s defeat to Bill Clinton in 1992.

Publisher of Oxford English Dictionary ask Court to dismiss suit filed against it by Nigerian Lawyer.

Oxford English Mini Dictionary

Publisher of Oxford English Dictionary has asked a Lagos Court to strike out a suit filed against it by a Nigerian lawyer; Emmanuel Ofoegbu, seeking N10m damages.

The lawyer claimed that the dictionary misplaced the meanings of the words “mortgagee’’ and “mortgagor” which made him suffer loss of professional reputation and embarrassment.

In the 1999 edition of the Oxford English Mini Dictionary which the lawyer claimed that  “mortgagee’’ was wrongly defined as  the borrower in a mortgage transaction and “mortgagor’’ wrongly defined as the lender.

But the publisher asked the court to strike out the case because the Oxford English Mini Dictionary has been revised 3 times since the 1999 edition. Consequently the errors had been corrected in these 3 editions. Implying that Emmanuel Ofoegbu should have referenced the latest edition before taking it to court

The publisher said it would not accept liability because “Oxford Mini Dictionaries are published as general reference tools and not designed or held out as dictionaries of legal terms for use by legal practitioners.”

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Release of the new James Bond film; No Time To Die, postponed till 2021.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

The new James Bond film; no time to die, originally scheduled for release by November this year has been delayed till April 2021.

This has come as a great disappointment to fans worldwide that have been waiting since April 2020 when it was first scheduled for release.

The movie producers blamed the coronavirus pandemic for the delay. They said it was delayed so that the movie would be seen by a worldwide theatrical audience.

According to the BBC, No Time To die may be Daniel Craig’s final appearance as British secret agent in James Bond Movies.