Chelsea beat Norwich 7-0

Chelsea beat Norwich 7-0 at Stamford Bridge to remain top of the English Premier League. Chelsea were 2 goals up in 18 minutes through Mount and Odoi. Reece James netted the third just before half time. Ben Chilwell added a fourth early in the second half. Within the 60th and 65ft minute, Norwich conceded an own goal (Max Aarons)  and got one of their  players sent off (Ben Gibson) for 2 yellow cards. Chelsea added more misery on their opponents by capping their win with 2 more goals from Mason Mount. Mason Mount scored a hat-trick in this game.

This Chelsea victory means they will remain top of the table with at least 1 point clear at the end of match day 9.

English Premier League Table 2021/2022 season

2Man City96212041620
6Man Utd84221610614
7West Ham84221510514
13Aston Villa93151315-210
15Crystal Palace91621114-39

Premier League Preview Match Day 9

The star match of match day 9 is Liverpool vs Manchester United. This is an uphill task for United. They will need to get at least a point in this game or else they will end up in mid-table at the end of this round. Should Liverpool win this game, they will at least retain their second position and may even go top if Chelsea slip up against Norwich. 

Manchester City have a tricky Saturday night game against Brighton & Hove Albion. The away team is in form and City have got to be careful. 

Everton are off and on this season. They will have another chance to beat Watford at the comfort of their home. Should Everton lose,it will be a second back to back home game loss for them.

Arsenal already beat Aston Villa yesterday, it shows Arsenal is getting their form back.

Leicester City will travel to play Brentford. Brentford have been doing well since their promotion to the premier league so Leicester be warned!

See below the full fixtures and scores of the English Premier League Match Day 9

System Mechanic

System Mechanic is a software application that optimizes performance of personal computers and laptops. Your brand new and fast computer will gradually slow down upon use. This slow down is mostly as a result of software issues. With System Mechanic, your PC can work as fast as before, once again.

What System Mechanic does.

  • Remove junk files
  • Defragment Harddisks
  • Defragment RAM
  • Registry cleanup
  • Rearrange programs on harddisk to run faster
  • Advanced uninstall
  • Advanced recovery of deleted files.
  • Delete files that will be  non recoverable.
  • Checks for and deletes viruses, malware etc.
  • And much more…


How to Optimize Your PC for Gaming Sessions


Before dedicated gaming consoles came, people played games on their PCs. However with video games becoming more advanced requiring larger computing power. The need for dedicated gaming consoles arose. However  the PC still remains the popular device for video gaming.

Most PCs are not designed  and optimized for gaming. This is the reason why even if your pc specifications meet a particular video game requirements, sometimes, the game may still run slow.

 To ensure the smoothest gaming experience at all times you need to optimize your pc each time you want to play a video game. You can do this manually using the tools your operating system provides. Or you can use some software specifically made to automate these processes and help optimize your pc faster. One of the best software that can optimize your pc for gaming is System Mechanic. To download system Mechanic just search for it on Google search. It is a paid software but you can use it for free for a limited time.

Other things you can easily do to optimize your pc for gaming.

  1. Make sure your hard disk has a lot of free space. At least 40% free space or more. The more free harddisk space you have the more smooth gameplay you will experience.
  2. Disable your antivirus before you play video games. 
  3. Regularly defragment your harddrive and RAM
  4. Remove unnecessary startup programs that activate when your pc is booting up.
  5. Instead of bringing your pc out of hibernation to play video game, do a restart instead. This will help clear unnecessary applications taking up RAM space.

Colin Powell dies at the age of 84

Colin Powell

General Colin Luther Powell, a former secretary of state of the United States has died.He was aged 84 years. He was one of the highest ranking black American officials in the United States Government. 

He was secretary of state under George W. BUSH. from 2001-2005. Before then he served as chairman, joint chief of staff (1989-1993) and United States National Security Advisor. (1987-1989).

Colin Powel was a four star general of the US army , the result of his 35 years in military service.

He is regarded as one of America’s great leaders. The only dent to his career was his open support and justification for Iraq which was later found to be wrong.

Colin Powell had blood cancer and was being treated for it but died from complications of COVID-19

How to make moulded or cube sugar at home

Making cubed sugar at home is something you can easily achieve. The major things you need are granulated sugar, clean water, bowl, mould or knife 


  1. Pour 2 cups of granulated sugar into a bowl.
  2. Add about 6 tablespoons of water to it.
  3. Mix thoroughly until the sugar is workable enough to be moulded.
  4. Place it in a flat metal tray . Then compress and straighten.
  5. Using a sharp knife, make a series of  horizontal and vertical slices along the compressed moist sugar forming little sugar cubes.
  6. Heat your oven to 120 degrees Celsius, then switch off and place the moist  cubes of sugar in the oven for about an hour.
  7. Bring the hot cubes  out of the oven and let them cool.
  8. There you have it, homemade sugar cubes.
  9. Store in an airtight container.

After step 3, you can place the moist sugar in small sugar cube moulds (purchased separately) . Then leave it to dry in fresh air until sugar is dry then remove the moulds to get your sugar cubes.