How to Add Numbers to your Phone’s Emergency Numbers List.

You can make it possible for people to use your locked phone to call a close relative in case of an emergency. 

Here is how;

When your phone is locked, it normally shows, enter password, under it you will see emergency. Click on  emergency, then you will see emergency information. Click on the emergency information (2 times).You will see a pencil icon on your extreme right, click on it to edit.

Next; enter the contacts you want to save as emergency. You can put as many contacts as possible but  save numbers of active people who know you very well (Family/friend).

The contacts you saved can be called even when your phone is locked without entering your password.*

To call a number in an emergency, click on ‘Emergency Call button’ and the numbers saved there will come up. You can call these numbers without unlocking the phone

Frames Per Second (fps)

Frames per second(fps) means the number of picture frames shown per second in quick succession during a video play. Most videos play with frame rates of between 23-30fps.

Any video frame rate less than 20fps will not be delightful to watch. 30fps is the standard. At this rate you will enjoy watching the video.

Most high definition (HD) videos play at between 30-60fps. True HD should play at 60fps.

Most tvs and laptops display max out at 60fps.

With the advent of ultra HD, some next gen tvs and laptop displays can play videos at more than 60fps.

Now it should be stated that the more the fps, the more delightful is the movie being watched.

As per video games, you can enjoy playing video games that play at 30fps and more, and any frame rate below 20fps is not good at all. Most video games manufacturers design the game to run at more than 30fps. If your video game is played at less than 30fps, it means your video game playing device needs some upgrade or repair.

Nigerian Banks Accepting AdSense Payments.

In this article, I present to you wire transfer details of 4 top Nigerian banks accepting Adsense payments. Although you can receive Google Adsense payments in your naira savings account, it is better to receive using a domiciliary account. Some banks like (Access & GT Bank) offer zero minimum operating balance and 100 dollars opening balance. The main advantage of using a domiciliary account is that you can change to naira at parallel rates. If you are receiving through a naira savings account, the bank will convert it to naira using official bank rates before depositing in your account.

If your bank is not listed below, don’t worry, most Nigerian banks accept foreign currency transfers. Just walk up to or contact your bank and get the necessary information. 

Swift Codes and more for AdSense US dollar payments into 4 popular Nigerian banks.

Access Bank

Beneficiary bank name: Access Bank plc

Beneficiary bank swift code:ABNGNGLA

Beneficiary bank account number: 36145842

Intermediary bank name: Citibank New York

Intermediary bank swift code: CITIUS33

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Union Bank

Beneficiary bank name: Union Bank of Nigeria plc.

Beneficiary bank swift code: UBNINGLA

Beneficiary bank account number: 36058132

Intermediary bank name: Citibank New York

Intermediary bank swift code: CITIUS33

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GT Bank

Beneficiary bank name: Guaranty Trust  Bank plc.

Beneficiary bank swift code: GTBINGLA

Beneficiary bank account number: 36129295

Intermediary bank name: Citibank New York

Intermediary bank swift code: CITIUS33

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Beneficiary bank name: United Bank for Africa plc.

Beneficiary bank swift code: UNAFNGLA

Beneficiary bank account number: 36320321 (with citibank)

Intermediary bank name: Citibank New York

Intermediary bank swift code: CITIUS33

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Roads; an Explanation

Road may be divided into four types

A Road is a smooth path carved out on land for easy movement of people, goods and vehicles from one place to another. These days a road would usually mean an established pathway for the easy movement of vehicles or other form of locomotives from one place to another.

Private road

  1. Private road
  2. 2 lane road
  3. Dual carriage ways
  4. Express way

Private road

2 lane Road

This means for example, the drive way to your house. Road managed by local community or estate. A private road can be individually or organizationally owned and maintained.

2 lane road

Dual carriageway

Dual carriageways

Two lane roads are single carriageways. Traffic flows in opposite direction on each lane. Two lane roads are common in rural and urban areas. Speed limit on this type of road is low because it has too many access points.


Dual carriage way is a type of roadway in traffic in opposite directions is separated by a central reservation or barrier. In each traffic direction, the road may consist of multiple lanes. Dual carriageĀ  ways are designed to very high standards so it can double as a free or motorway.


Express ways are roads built for speed. To encourage this, there is controlled and limited access into these types of roads. They are built to the highest of standards. Expressways are dual carriage ways clearly separated by central reservation or barrier.

Expressways have the highest acceptable speed limits.

Levelling Simply Explained

Levelling is a process of establishing heights relative to a datum or a fixed point. Datum is known as mean sea level and this level varies between countries.

For easy determination of true heights, official or certified benchmarks (certified levels) are placed  in various places in your area or country.

Benchmarks are the stated official height of a place with reference to the Datum.

With these benchmarks you can easily determine the height of a particular site by reference to it.

In a situation where the benchmark is far from a site where height or level is to be determined, Temporary benchmarks (TBM)can be established close to the site of interest with reference to the  benchmark . 

TBMs make it easier to establish levels or control heights on site.

Simple land height determination example

Levelling calculation example

Taking a look at the diagram above, you are to determine the height or level of land at point B


At point A, you have a TBM of 180m ( above mean sea level)

Set up the leveling instrument somewhere around point C ( in such a way that you can potentially sight staff placed at point A and B without obstruction)

With the help of someone, place a levelling staff on top of the TBM in a vertical position at point A

Point your leveling instrument at the staff and take your readings.

Let’s assume that the reading on the staff you took is 2.55m. This is the backsight reading which is always your first reading.

Next, without changing the position of the leveling instrument, point the leveling instrument at point B and take staff reading.

Let’s assume the reading you took was 1.2m

To determine the level of ground at point B, add the TBM reading plus backsight reading.

I.e 180m + 2.55m = 182.55m

Next, deduct the second staff reading from 182.55m

I.e 182.55m – 1.2m = 181.35m

Therefore point B is at a level of 181.35m

As a check. Since point B is higher than point A, deduct staff reading at point B from that at point A

I.e 2.55m – 1.2 = 1.35m

Then add this difference to the TBM at A 

I.e 180 + 1.35 = 181.35m.

Frank Lampard has been Sacked

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard has been sacked as Chelsea manager just after 18 months in charge. Lampard lead Chelsea to 4th position in the league and FA cup final last season.  He has also helped Chelsea easily qualify for the second round in pole position, in this season’s champions league.

Chelsea  started this season’s premier league campaign on a good note, hoping to fight for the title. Towards the end of 2020, they were top of the premier league. But things have turned sour as Chelsea have lost 5 out of their past 8 matches. They are presently 9th on the table.

Lampard’s sack was confirmed on Monday 25 January by the Chelsea management citing poor run of results.

Even Chelsea’s last 3-1 win over Luton in their lasted FA cup match couldn’t  save him

Lampard was appointed on a 3year contract in July 2019. He is disappointed not to have had the time to take the club forward.

However, Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich said Lampard’s status as an important icon of the club remains intact despite his sacking.

Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea has appointed former PSG coach: Thomas Tuchel to take over from Lampard. He may be availableĀ  as early as Chelsea’s home game against Wolves on Wednesday