How to use your phone camera to do a Google Search

You can use your phone camera lens to do a  google search by taking a picture of the item you want to search for.


Click on Google app

In the search bar to the right you will see the camera icon, click it.

You will now be prompted to take a picture of the object. Take a shot of the object by clicking on the camera lens button inside the Google lens area.

Using your phone camera to do a Google search

Finally, click a large search button that you are prompted to click and then your search results will be revealed.

Search results

How to place a Selfhold on your Adsense Account

Sign in to your Adsense Account.

In the Balance section, click the 3 vertical dots on the right, then select ” View Payments. You will be taken to the payments info page.

Scroll down then click Manage settings.

Under the ” Payment account” section, you will see, Payment Schedule. Click the edit button, then you will see an option to increase your payment threshold. You also see the option to schedule a payout date for up to 1 year maximum.

How to do an lmage Search on Google ( Mobile)

The Google search engine on your mobile  phone is a portable version but still has all the necessary  features to enable you to perform a good search.

Of course you can still access the desktop version of google search on your mobile phone.However, you may have to do a lot of panning and zooming depending on your screen size.

This article briefly describes how you can do image search using google search mobile.

There are 2 ways you can access google image search. You can either go to then click, images  at the top of your screen. Or, just directly go to Even if you entered, Google will still take you to image search.

In the image search bar you can type the title of the picture you want to search for.

Google search engine is very smart. For instance you can go beyond just searching for a type of picture. You can type both the title of the picture and the file type and click search. Let say you want to search for pictures of sand, in addition you also want the file type to be png. Then just type sand png in the search bar and images of different types of sand with file type png will be returned.

You can still go a step further and type; sand png 1280 x 720px in the search bar. The search engine will return different sand images of file type png and size 1280 × 720 pixels.

When you click on an image result, you will be given the option to visit the website that has the picture. If you click and hold the picture, you will be given the option to download the image.

Google has other tools that can help refine your image search. Just take a good look at all the options available. Picking the settings icon at the top left just before the picture results will give you the option of searching only pictures with creative common license. That is, pictures you can reuse without having copyright issues.

Also note that once you perform an image search, other search categories such as videos, maps, books, etc become available.

There is so much more you can do with google image search and indeed google search engine as a whole. I have written this short article to give insight. Feel free to explore google search and get the search you want.

About Google Trends

What is Google Trends about?

Google trends is a very complex and sophisticated tool used to analyze search behaviors of people over time. It reveals trending search topics right now or in the time past. 

Content creators can find this tool very useful. If properly understood and utilized, it can help the content creator know what to create.

Google trends is free and anyone can learn to use it. When you go to, you will see tutorial links on how to use and master.

Using Google Search

Google search is a very sophisticated search engine. It has  undergone various improvements over the years. It is the world’s number one search program.

Knowing how to use Google search will greatly help on your quest for specific knowledge.

You can access Google search by simply typing on the web address bar.

I assume you are using the mobile version of Google search. In the Google search page you will notice many options. The search or query bar is conspicuous. Under the search bar you will find options to change the language. 

Clicking the 3 horizontal line icon at the top left of the screen will lead to various search settings. On clicking SETTINGS you are presented with even more options. A notable option is the ability to filter out explicit results.

If you click Settings at the bottom of the page you will be presented with other search options including Advanced Search. In Advanced search, you will be given options to help you narrow your search to produce controlled or specific results.

When you type a query into the search bar. Results related to your search query are presented. You can narrow your research by  clicking on any specialized category  i.e , images or videos, located just below the search bar. So let’s say you want your search results to show images, just click on the specialized search category, Images.

You can also directly type a specialized search url in the address bar. For instance let’s say you want to check prices of laptop. Just type then type laptop in the search bar.

You can visit a shop website or you can narrow your search by clicking images. So many options you can explore. If you are a student another specialized Google search you can visit is

How to Setup a Google Account

How to setup a Google Account

  1. Using your internet browser go to:
  1. Enter your name into the placeholders provided. Input a name for your address. If the name is already taken you will be given alternatives. If you are not satisfied with the alternatives, continue inputting names of your own until it is accepted.
  2. Complete the remainder of the information requested and agree to Google’s term of service to move to the next stage. You can start using your google account at this stage. Your new Google account comes bundled with a lot of apps including:


google docs ( similar to Microsoft office)

google drive (15Gb free online storage)

google photos 

and much more, all in one place.

  1. You will then be taken to the core of YourAccount page. Here you have the opportunity to fully customize your account and provide a higher level of security for your account. You can edit and update your personal information as well. In fact there are many things you can do on this page to make your Google account truly yours.
  2. By clicking on the top right icon of your accounts page you can change your profile picture if you like