How to make Quick Mayonnaise

Homemade mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is getting expensive these days. I know you have heard you can make it on your own at home. It is true, I have tried it and it worked.

Ingredients you need to make your homemade mayonnaise

  • Vegetable oil
  • One egg
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sugar to taste
  • Lemon/vinegar

Vegetable oil should be of good quality, canola oil, Avocado oil, soya oil and the normal vegetable oil will work.

The egg should be fresh and of good quality otherwise mayonnaise will not form. Note that it is the egg and oil that forms the mayonnaise. The rest ingredients are just to give taste/flavour and preserve.

Just a pinch of salt. 

You can add sugar to taste. 

2 teaspoons of either lemon or vinegar juice should do. It adds flavour and preserves the mayonnaise.

Equipment you will need

  • Blender/mixer

Any blender or mixer will do. 

Procedure of making Mayonnaise (Using a blender)

Put the egg, pinch of salt, two teaspoons of lemon or vinegar Into the blender jar and cover it. 

Set the machine to the lowest setting then mix. 

Next open the hole provided within the cover of the blender jar, switch on the blender then very slowly pour the vegetable oil into the jar as it mixes.

The sound of the blender will change when the mixture has thickened. That is your homemade mayonnaise.Switch off the blender. Store the mayonnaise in a bottled container and use within 24 hours.

[Optional] You can also add two or more teaspoons of sugar to the mayonnaise and mix for two seconds in the blender if you like.

How a Car Engine Works

car engine showing pistons and crankshaft

The piston

The piston is the powerhouse of the car engine. The piston moves up and down. When the piston travels to the end of its range whether up or down, it is called a stroke.

A car engine is equipped with 4 or more pistons. The movement of these pistons is transferred to the wheels of the car which enables it to move.

For car engines, 4 strokes usually completes the engine circle enabling power to be transmitted to the wheels. 

exploded view of a car engine

The four stroke cycle, how it works.

First stroke; intake.

 The piston descends, sucking an air-fuel mixture into the cylinder .

The valves open allowing fuel – mixture into the cylinder

2nd stroke; compression

With all valves closed the piston comes back up,  compressing the fuel and air  mixture 

3rd stroke ; internal combustion

An electrical spark from the spark plug ignites the compressed fuel and air mixture inside the cylinder causing an internal combustion. The resulting combustion forces the piston to the bottom of the cylinder again.  A connecting rod transfers 

this power to the crankshaft which in turn transfers power to the wheels which enable the car to move.

4th stroke; exhaust. 

The piston comes back up,  pushing the burnt fuel and air  mixture out through the

open exhaust valves and the exhaust port.

The pistons and connecting systems

For smooth power delivery,  A car uses at least 4 pistons. These pistons take turns to fire the engine.

 Camshafts  are  specially shaped 

cams that  push spring-loaded valves open in turn.  

Cam gears and a timing belt or chain 

links everything to the crankshaft.  The crankshaft translates piston power from the engine to the wheels.  

It has counterweights to balance against the 

pistons for perfectly smooth revolutions.

The engine block holds the crankshaft 

and cylinders, and the cylinder  head holds valves, ports, cams, etc.

A geared flywheel sits at one side of the  

crankshaft for connection to a transmission.

The basic car engine has four cylinders 

arranged in a single row.  But there are many other possible configurations, including six, eight and 12 cylinders.

 Systems that support the internal  combustion process.

Air intake system

Air comes in through an air filter,  and then into the intake manifold where it mixes with fuel before being sucked  into individual cylinders through intake ports.

Fuel injection system

The fuel pump carries gas from the tank,  through a fuel filter, to the engine 

where fuel injectors emit a precisely 

timed spray of gas into the intake port.

Cooling system

Engines get very hot during operation  and 

require a cooling system. The cooling system  basically consists of a radiator, water pump and cooling channels. Cool water from the radiator is pumped through cooling channels that go around the hot cylinder blocks, cooling the engine in the process. This hot water then passes through the radiator and is cool again for recirculation.

The radiator has a network of small tubes and fins. As hot water passes through these tubes it is cooled with the aid of fins and radiator fans.

Electrical system

This is a complex system that basically consists of the battery, fuses, wiring , coils, spark plugs, and the alternator.

The battery provides the initial electrical connection that enables the car to start. The alternator is like an electric generator. Once the car engine starts running, the alternator basically charges the battery and generates the electricity required for the whole car to function properly

 lubricating system

Just like the cooling system, the engine lubricating system basically consists of , engine oil, oil storage,  oil lubricating channels, oil filter and oil pump.

The oil pump keeps oil properly 

pressurized and flowing.

It pumps the motor oil  to lubricate, cool,  clean, prevent corrosion of the engine.

The oil filter keeps oil clean from contaminants.

Exhaust system

The exhaust manifold collects gases 

from multiple cylinders into one pipe. 

Exhaust flows through the catalytic converter, which captures toxic chemicals in engine exhaust. And then out through a muffler that reduces exhaust noise.

How to Remote Play your PS4 on PC

PS4 Remote Play

PS4 remote play typically means  controlling and playing your PS4 console/ games on your PC or mobile phone.

To enable remote play for your PS4 you need the following.

  1. A PS4 console with an active PlayStation account.
  2.  A high speed internet connection preferably 5Mbps
  3. Window/ Mac PC or Compatible mobile phone/tablet
  4. Latest version of the remote play app installed on your PC/ mobile device

Preparing your PS4 for Remote Play

Make sure your PS4 software is updated to the latest version. The console automatically does this when connected to the internet. You can also do it manually by going to


You must have an active PlayStation account. You can go to and open a new account. Then using your login details, signing to your account in the console.

Activate your console as primary. To do this go to Settings > Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PlayStation 4. Then select Activate.

Enable remote play on your console. From your home screen go to Settings > System > Remote Play, and then turn on Enable Remote Play.

Preparing for PC for Remote Play

Just download  and install the latest version of the PS4 remote play app. You can download it HERE

Preparing your mobile phone/tablet for remote play

Just go to Google PlayStore or your phone’s official app store and type PS Remote Play in the search bar. If a link to download the app comes up then your device is compatible, if not , then your mobile device is incompatible.

How to Connect your PS4 to PC using Remote Play

  1. Switch on your internet 
  2. Switch on your PS4 and make sure it is connected to your internet 
  3. Check that remote play is enabled on your console.
  4. Switch on your PC and connect it to the internet. 
  5. Start the remote play app installed on your PC
  6. On the app choose the PS4 console to connect to
  7. The app will automatically connect your PC to PS4 and you will be able to control your PS4 from your PC.

If the app doesn’t automatically connect, the app will tell you what is wrong. Alternatively you can use the manual link button to connect manually to the console. After clicking the manual link button, follow the instructions shown. You will be told to  enter a code generated from your PS4 and enter it into the space provided in the remote play app of your PC.

After the first time connection, you shouldn’t have problems connecting after. You won’t even need the console connected to your TV. Just switch on the console, then start the remote play app on your PC, choose your console on the app then it will automatically connect. Only when problems arise will you need the connected TV to resolve the issue.

If you set the console to standby mode, you can start the PS4 from the remote play app and start gameplay.

To use the PS4 controller on the PC use a compatible USB cable to connect controller to PC

For more information on remote play go to

10 Top Free Games for Your Android Phone

Tennis Clash

Tennis clash game

A very interesting and addictive game. It is only playable online but you play with real people. Your internet connection needs not to be all that fast but it should be 4G. The more you play, the more you get items to upgrade your players. To fast track the development of your players you can purchase upgrade items. Download size:134 MB

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 mobile game

A very brilliant car racing game with good graphics comparable to that on a PS3. Very easy controls, you will love it. You can race with computer controlled opponents or with real opponents online. It is free to download from the  Google Play Store. Its download size is about 2.6 GB.

Ping Pong Fury

ping pong game

A table tennis game on your mobile phone. It is like real table tennis and very fast.You can play with PC opponents or real opponents online. Download size: 145 MB

Angry Birds 2

Angry birds game

The Angry Birds game has been around for a while. It’s a very brilliant, high quality game and now much improved. There are many versions of this game . Go to the Play Store and download the one you want. Download size: 239MB

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart tour

A Kart racing game of Super Mario and friends. Can be very addictive. You can also play with opponents online. Needs web connectivity to play.

Download size: 123MB

Cross Fire: Offline Shooting

Cross fire mobile game

Shooting, war and gun duel games are getting better on phones. Cross fire is one of them.  It’s a brilliant 3D shooting game and very easy to play.. There are many versions of this game available on PlayStore. 

Download size: 328 MB.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

NBA 2k basket ball game

This is a high quality basketball game that will take your phone processors to the limit. The graphics and game play is stunning. It looks  like you are playing basketball on a PSP, PS3 or PS4. The game is easy to learn and play.

Download size: over 1GB

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat mobile game

Mortal Kombat is now on mobile with graphics comparable to that on a PS3. It is also easy to play. If you are a mortal Kombat fan, you know that playing it on your mobile phone is much more convenient.

Download size: 1.4GB

 Millionaire Trivia

Millionaire Trivia mobile game

Everybody wants to be a millionaire. The world wide popular TV  question and answer game show has its game version on PlayStore. The money in the game version is not real money.

Download size: 80MB

Real Boxing 2:

Real Boxing 2 mobile game

One of the best boxing games on mobile. Real Boxing 2 is an improved version of the original game. 

Download size: 682MB

All games described in this article are downloadable from Google PlayStore free of charge. If you search for a particular game and it doesn’t show up on Google PlayStore, then that game cannot be installed on your phone due to incompatibility. However you can search for the game outside of PlayStore and download.

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How to Calculate Design Load of a Concrete Slab (factored)

In reinforced concrete design , there is what is called the factor of safety. The factor of safety is multiplied by the calculated load of the structural element. This is done to reduce the possibility of the structural element failing under its actual, or expected loadings.

When the factor of safety has been applied to the calculated load of a structural element, it is called design load. Note that Factored load is also the same as design load.

Determining the Design (factored) load of a Concrete Slab.

The formula for calculating the design load of a Concrete Slab is:

1.4gk + 1.6qk.


gk= dead load

qk= live load

1.4= factor of safety applied to dead load

1.6= factor of safety applied to live load.

Dead load is the same as the weight of the concrete slab element. 

Live load is the movable or variable load the slab will carry such as people, furniture,machinery and so on. 

The unit of the design load will be in kN/m².

The weight of concrete used in reinforced concrete design calculation is 24kN/m³

Example 1 calculating design load of slab

concrete slab panel

Let’s say a concrete slab panel is to be designed for a private dwelling. It  has a depth ( thickness) of 0.2m, a length of 5m, and a width of 3m as shown above, the design load can be calculated as follows:

The dead load of the slab panel is the weight of concrete multiplied by the slab thickness.

That is,

24kN/m³ × 0.2m = 4.8kN/m²

Therefore gk = 4.8kN/m²

Live loads for buildings are standardized. In page 2 of BS 6399 part 1, the live load for private dwellings is 1.5kN/m² (shown below)

Table minimum imposed floor loads.BS 6399 part 1

Therefore qk= 1.5kN/m²

Design load= 1.4gk+1.6qk=( 1.4×4.8kN/m²) + (1.6×1.5kN/m²) = 6.72kN/m² + 2.4kN/m²


Example 2. calculating design load of slab

Looking at part of a floor plan shown below, we will be calculating the design load for the floor plan labelled P8 as shown.Take live load for private dwellings as 1.5kN/m².

Part of general floor arrangement plan of a proposed building


The depth of the slab panel is 150mm or 0.15m

We know that the formula for  design load of slab panel is  1.4gk + 1.6qk and weight of concrete is 24kN/m³

Dead load, gk, = weight of concrete multiplied by panel thickness= 24kN/m³ × 0.15m = 3.6kN/m²

Live load , qk=1.5kN/m². (page 2 of BS 6399 part 1)

Design load is 1.4gk + 1.6qk=

(1.4×3.6kN/m²)+(1.6×1.5kN/m²)= 7.44kN/m²

Slab Design load is used for the calculation of the amount of steel reinforcement required for the slab panel.

Manchester City for the Title after Liverpool Draw

The title is still Manchester City’s to lose with 7 games to go after forcing Liverpool to a 2-2 draw. Indeed City should have won the match if they had converted more of their chances. City on 74 points lead Liverpool by one point meaning their fate is still in their own hands.

Elsewhere Chelsea walloped Southampton by 6-0 to sit comfortably in 3rd place with 63 points.

Tottenham Hotspur complete the top 4 after their 4-0 trashing of Aston Villa and Arsenal falling at home by 1-2 to Brighton.

Brighton on the other hand have boosted their chance of survival with that wonderfully victory.

Manchester United failed to spark as they lost out by 0-1 to Everton in a tense affair. They are 7th in the league table currently with 51 points

Everton are 4 points off the drop zone while, Burnley, Watford, and Norwich are doomed for relegation.