Afcon 2021 ( 2022) Semi Final Stage

Cameroon player celebrates

The countries into the semi final of Afcon 2021 are Burkina Faso, Egypt, Cameroon and Senegal.

Burkina Faso are the surprise semifinalists. They defeated highly rated Tunisia by 1-0. The Burkinabes will face Senegal in the semifinal. They have got a chance even though  Senegal are the favorites to go through.

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In the second  semifinal game, Egypt will take on Cameroon. Since that 1-0 loss to Nigeria in the first game Egypt have hit fine form, eliminating IvoryCoast and Morocco in the process. For me, Egypt are now favorites to win the competition followed by Senegal.

Cameroon will need to be at their very best to beat the Egyptians.

The Cameroonians have home advantage though and have been very good in the tournament so far.  Egypt won’t find it easy at all but they are favourites to win.

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How instant coffee is made

Instant coffee granule in cup

Instant coffee is coffee flavour mixed with hot or cold water, add sugar & milk to taste, and it’s ready to drink. You do not need to filter anything as it is done with fresh coffee.  So how is instant coffee made? Below is a summary explanation of the process.

The coffee beans are first of all roasted. Then using high temperature and pressure, the roasted coffee flavour is forced out of the coffee beans using water.

The water itself is then forced out under high pressure leaving only a pasty coffee flavour. 

This coffee flavour paste is then frozen under a temperature of about -40°C and still in that frozen temperature, broken into granules.

The coffee granules are then processed inside a system that removes the remaining water inside them, producing coffee granules that are absolutely dry. The granules are then packaged for sale.

Review of Afcon Round of 16 & Preview of Quarter Final Fixtures

Afcon Trophy

The Super Eagles of Nigeria were in the news again as they were surprisingly knocked out of Afcon by Tunisia. Tunisia restricted Nigeria to few chances and when they had theirs they scored. It was one of the worst performances of the super eagles in the knockout phase of this competition.

Burkina Faso were able to defeat Gabon only after 120 minutes of normal time winning 7-6 on penalties.

Gambia stunned Guinea, 1-0 while the Hosts, Cameroon, survived Comoros scare to finally win 2-1.

Senegal were too much for Cape Verde, downed them 2-0 while Morocco secured a hard fought victory over Malawi by 2-1.

The last two games of the second round produced no goals in normal and extra time.

Egypt defeated Ivory Coast 5-4 on penalties while Equatorial Guinea sent Mali out after winning 6-5 on penalties.

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The Quarter Final pairings see Gambia vs hosts, Cameroon. Cameroon will fancy their chances but they will surely get a run for their money.

Tunisia will take on Burkina Faso. Tunisia are the favorites here but they must not underrate their opponents.

Egypt will take on Morocco, sadly one of these teams will crash out. This game is equally poised.

Senegal’s prize for beating Comoros is a Quarter final match against Equatorial Guinea. Senegal are favourites to go through 

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How to care for your Electrical Petrol Generator

Caring for your electrical generating set to make it last longer.I will discuss this topic under 4 subtopics namely;

  • Purchasing a good generator
  • Changing the engine oil
  • Changing the spark plug
  • Loading the generator 
  • Don’t let it run out of fuel

Purchasing a good generator

If you want your electrical generator to last, then make sure you purchase an original. An original generator that is badly managed will still last up to a year, and if properly managed can be useful for years (  3 years at least ).

A fake generator will last only a couple of months even if properly maintained. A fake generator is called so because it is made up of low quality materials. It may cost less but it usually won’t be worth it at the end of the day. Don’t rush to purchase a generator, take your time to search, check and scrutinize. If you really can’t differentiate an original from fake, sincerely talk to the dealer to give you an original product with guarantee. Be ready to spend more to obtain an original product, it pays.

Changing the engine oil.

This is the main maintenance secret. If you want your electrical generating set to last then change its engine oil every month with good quality oil( that is if you use it regularly). Never run the generator on low engine oil. Before you start your generator, always check the engine oil level using the dip stick. If it is low, fill it up to the required gauge with good quality oil. Don’t over gauge. The engine oil is the life of your machine, don’t run it on low oil, and low quality oil.

Changing the spark plug

All petrol generators are fitted with a spark plug. The Spark plug makes the engine run smoothly delivering maximum efficiency. Most of the time when the engine will not start it is because the spark plug is faulty. Also when the engine is not running smoothly and quietly, the spark plug is usually the culprit. So if you notice that your electrical generating set won’t start, or starts after several attempts, or does not run smoothly and quietly as before, check and change the spark plug if necessary.

Loading the generator.

Generators are rated based on the electrical loads they can handle. The ratings are clearly stated on the body or packaging of the generator. A generator with a rating of say 2.5 Kva or 2.5 kw  means that is the maximum electrical load it can handle safely. From experience don’t load your generator above half of its stated rating.  For instance if a generator rating states 3kva, then don’t use it to power electrical appliances adding up to more than 1.5kva. Doing this won’t put much stress on the engine and will make it last longer.

Don’t Let Your generator run out of fuel

Do not form the habit of letting your generator run out of fuel. If you use a diesel generator then, Never let it run out of fuel because you will always need a qualified technician to restart the engine for you anytime it occurs. If you use a petrol engine; you can still restart it when it runs out of fuel but if you form the habit of doing so, the carburetor will damage quickly and soon you will not be able to restart the generator when it occurs again without the help of a technician. 

Qatar 2022: African final qualifying round

Nigeria will face Ghana in the final world cup Qualifier. It is going to be a 2 legged affair and the aggregate winners qualifying for Qatar 2022.

Matches will be played between 21st and 29th of March , 2022

Five countries will be representing Africa at the world cup.

final qualifying round pairings are listed below;

Egypt v Senegal

Cameroon v Algeria

Ghana v Nigeria

Democratic Republic of Congo v Morocco

Mali v Tunisia

The aggregate winners of the first and second leg matches will qualify for Qatar 2022.

AFCON round of 16 Preview

The First round of Afcon 2021 have concluded. Notable absentees in the second round are Algeria; the defending champions, and Ghana. They were surprisingly eliminated in the first round.

The second round of Afcon commences Jan. 23rd with Burkina Faso playing Gabon and Nigeria vs Tunisia. These 2 matches will be tightly contested. For the game between Burkina Faso vs Gabon, any team can win. Nigeria will be fancied to beat Tunisia. Nigeria is the only team in the competition that have won all their first round games so far.

Guinea will take on Gambia. This game will be an even affair but Guinea will have the advantage based on experience.High flying Cameroon will hope to see off Comoros.

Senegalese title holes will be tested when they take on Cape Verde. Morocco should see off Malawi but it may not be easy.

If Ivory Coast will win the tournament they must beat Egypt. The match promises to be very interesting. Lastly Mali takes on Equatorial Guinea. Mali definitely have an edge in this one