English Premier League Match Day 5

English Premier League Table after matchday 5

Crystal Palace vs Brentford. 1- 1

After their defeat to Man City last time out, they couldn’t hold on for a win against Brentford tonight. Brentford will be the happier of the 2 sides.

Fulham vs Brighton Hove Albion 2 -1

Fulham ran away with the win, they have been having a good run so far. 

Southampton vs Chelsea. 2 -1

Chelsea suffer their second loss in 5 games this season. They started the game the brighter side and scored the first goal but as the game wore on they were frustrated. Southampton the deserved winners

Leeds United vs Everton. 1-1

Everton still looking for their first win of the season. Good game against Leeds. 

AFC Bournemouth vs Wolverhampton Wanderers. 0-0

Wolves should have won this game, they had several chances including a one on one. Wolves remain in the relegation zone after 5 matches.

Arsenal vs Aston Villa. 2-1

Aston villa is a much improved team this season. They almost got a point from this game but Arsenal were having none of it. Arsenal remain top of the table with five wins from five.

Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest. 6-0

Manchester City welcomed Nottingham forest into the premier league with a Six- Nil bashing. The champions are making their statement clear.

WestHam United vs Tottenham Hotspur. 1-1

Tottenham still managed to take a point from this game because WestHam should have won it. Tottenham’s goal was brilliant, but their hosts had the better chances.

Liverpool vs Newcastle. 2-1

Newcastle have been doing well so far this season. They took the game to Liverpool, but they couldn’t hold on for the point.

Leicester City vs Manchester United 0-1

Leicester City have been lacking in confidence this season so far. And Manchester United came and pipped them one -nil. Cudos to United for a very disciplined play, their 3rd straight win in 5 games.

English Premier League. Match Day 4

English Premier League Table after Match day 4 matches

Southampton vs Manchester United 0-1.

Manchester United have now secured back to back victories after their first win of the season against Liverpool.

United are now settling down to business, they were very disciplined against Southampton, they took their chances and defended well, De Gea, the United’s goal keeper had a fine game as he made some nice saves to keep United’s 3 points.

Brentford vs Everton. 1-1

Everton couldn’t hold on for this win. They would be very disappointed to have conceeded 6 minutes from time. The search for their first win if the season continues.

Brighton Hove Albion vs Leeds United. 1-0

Leeds couldn’t follow up with their brilliant win against Chelsea last time out. Meanwhile, Brighton are having a brilliant run; their 3rd win in 4 games this season and are second on the table now behind Manchester City. The table will stay like this unless Arsenal beat Fulham later on today.

Chelsea vs Leicester United. 2-1

The problems at Chelsea still remain, but they managed to beat Leicester City to win their second game of the season. They did it with 10 men for over 62 minutes. Chelsea were very lucky Leicester didn’t steal a point. Just like in the game against Leeds, Chelsea again almost pressed the self-destruct button. They will really need to get their axes together and play disciplined football if they are to win anything this season.

Liverpool vs AFC Bournemouth. 9-0

This is Liverpool’s response to their loss against Manchester United last time out. If you think Liverpool can not fight for the title this season, then think again. Total demolition of Bournemouth, no Mercy!, Ruthless.

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace. 4-2

Manchester City showed their champions stuff by coming from 2 goals down in the first half to win by 2 goals. Manchester City shamed their critics here, they thought they wouldn’t be able to come back. It’s City to beat this season.

Arsenal vs Fulham. 2-1

Arsenal’s winning streak continues. 4 wins from 4 matches and they are top of the league. They did it the hard way this time by coming from a goal down. Fulham almost got their point but couldn’t hold on.

Aston Villa vs WestHam United. 0-1

WestHam win their first game of the season thanks to a deflected shot that found its way into the net deep into the second half. Aston Villa, well, sorry for them, they became frustrated later in the game and their opponents took full advantage.

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Newcastle United. 1-1

After all the hard work by Wolves, they ended up with a point instead of 3. They kept Newcastle in the game and paid the price.

Nottingham Forest vs Tottenham Hotspur. 0-2

Tottenham are keeping pace at the top of the table, but how far can they go? Time will surely tell. Nice disciplined win from them

About soap making (part 1)


Soap is the salt of a fatty acid. This salt is the product of the combination of an acid and alkali and it is different from the type of salt we eat.

The acid used in soap making is known as fatty acid, while the alkali is generally sodium hydroxide or caustic soda. 

Saponification is the process of making soap, when the fatty acid is mixed with the alkali it produces a tablet of salt and glycerine which is the soap.

How soap cleanses

When soap combines with water it acts as a surfactant, The surfactant has water soluble and oil soluble parts. Due to this property, soap molecules can surround grease or dirt particles and bring them into the water to be washed away.

Why you should make your own soap

Glycerine is a bye product of soap making and it’s function is to soothe and clean without irritation.

Commercially made soap are made in a cost effective way, making this type of soaps able to clean but hash on the hand and skin because it lacks glycerine.

Making your own soap helps to regularise the soap making ingredients to your advantage.

Soap making ingredients

Basic materials used for soap making are fat and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) with the addition of essential oils and fragrances to personalize your soap.

Fat can be animal or  plant fat. Fat of cow, goat, buffalo is ok. Suitable fat from plants include the various types of cooking oil such as 

Olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sher butter, sunflower oil etc.

Colouring ingredients include;

Cocoa powder,


Bentonite clay


Curry powder


Fragrance ingredients include;






Other ingredients for health benefit includes


Coffee grounds


Olive stone

Apricot stone 



 and many more.

To add moisturizer to soap you can add glycerine. Some glycerine is already produced in the saponification process.

Beeswax is an ingredient to to harden the soap, salt can also be added to hasten it.

Borax and sugar are added to give the soap bubbles.

Types of soap

Novelty soaps: 

These soaps are made for children. They are mild on the children’s skin.

Perfumed soaps: 

Strong scented soaps

Guest soap:

As the name implies, they are small sized soaps used in hotels, motels, guest houses by guests in the bathroom. They can be taken home by the guests.

Beauty soaps:

These soaps are special soaps that beautify the skin by removing wrinkles, spots, makes the skin clearer and so on.

Medicated soaps:

These soaps are designed to treat all kinds of skin infections, such as acne, pimples, prickly heat, eczema and so on.

Translucent soaps:

These are soaps containing glycerine. These types of soaps are very gentle on the skin.

Transparent soaps:

A special type of soap that feels better against your skin when compared to other soaps.

Liquid soaps

As the name implies, these types of soap come in liquid form. As with solid bar soaps, some are suitable for bathing, others for washing clothes and others for washing dishes.

Europa Group Stage Draw

Europa Group Stage Draw 2022/2023

Group A: 

Arsenal, PSV Eindhoven, Bodø/Glimt, Zürich

Group B:

 Dynamo Kyiv, Rennes, Fenerbahçe, AEK Larnaca

Group C: 

Roma, Ludogorets, Real Betis, HJK Helsinki

Group D:

 Braga, Malmö, Union Berlin, St-Gilloise

Group E:

 Manchester United, Real Sociedad, Sheriff, Omonoia

Group F: 

Lazio, Feyenoord, Midtjylland, Sturm Graz

Group G: 

Olympiacos, Qarabağ, Freiburg, Nantes

Group H: 

Crvena zvezda, Monaco, Ferencváros, Trabzonspor

Matchday  dates

Group stage

Matchday 1: 8 September 2022

Matchday 2: 15 September 2022

Matchday 3: 6 October 2022

Matchday 4: 13 October 2022

Matchday 5: 27 October 2022

Matchday 6: 3 November 2022

Knockout phase Dates

Knockout round play-offs: 16 & 23 February

Round of 16: 9 & 16 March 2023

Quarter-finals: 13 & 20 April 2023

Semi-finals: 11 & 18 May 2023

Final: 31 May 2023

UEFA Champions League Draw Results

champions league groupings 2022/2023

Champions League group stage draw 

Group A:

Ajax, Liverpool, Napoli, Rangers

Group B:

Porto, Atlético, Leverkusen, Club Brugge

Group C:

Bayern, Barcelona, Inter, Viktoria Plzeň

Group D:

Frankfurt, Tottenham, Sporting CP, Marseille

Group E:

AC Milan, Chelsea, Salzburg, Dinamo

Group F:

Real Madrid, Leipzig, Shakhtar, Celtic

Group G:

Man. City, Sevilla, Dortmund, Copenhagen

Group H:

Paris, Juventus, Benfica, Maccabi Haifa

When  Champions League group matches will be played

Matchday 1: 6/7 September

Matchday 2: 13/14 September

Matchday 3: 4/5 October

Matchday 4: 11/12 October

Matchday 5: 25/26 October

Matchday 6: 1/2 November

Round of 16 draw: 7 November

Facts about the Electric Car

Electric car

Electric Cars refers to cars that are propelled by electric motors using battery power only. These types of cars don’t have internal combustion engines such as the petrol and diesel powered engines.

Some electric cars still come fitted with internal combustion engines, but only for emergency use.

Electric cars are growing in popularity as these types of cars now enjoy about 9% of the market share in car sales.

Electric cars are Green,but are still more expensive than their internal combustion counterparts, although they are expected to be much cheaper in the long run due to lesser maintenance costs.

Some facts to know about  Electric cars.

Car Weight

Electric cars generally weigh more  than their internal combustion counterparts, this is due to their large battery sizes. Electric car batteries weigh more than 25% the total car Weight.


Electric car batteries are large and powerful. These batteries can hold about 60kWh of energy, enough to  power a whole house for 2 days, in fact they can be connected to the power grid to provide extra power during peak periods.


Recharging time for electric cars to reach full charge can be up to 2 hours using charging stations. although it can take 15 minutes to reach 80% of full charge . If you are charging at home, charging overnight can bring your car from 0 to full charge using it’s standard charging device. You can also charge your electric car with an ordinary wall socket but  charging will be very slow.

Mile range

Most modern electric cars can travel over 200 miles ( 321 km)  on a single full charge. The Tesla model S long range plus can travel up to 390 miles that is 627km on a single full charge!


The car control and gear structure is similar to that found in petrol/ diesel powered cars although the electric car does not necessarily need to adopt this structure.


Price of electric cars starts from around $30,000. Much costlier than it’s internal combustion engine counterparts.The battery is part of what makes electric cars expensive. As the batteries become cheaper, so will be the cost of these cars.

Environmental impact

Electric cars do not emit dangerous and volatile gases that harm the environment as internal combustion cars do, these cars also have very quiet operation, meaning no or minimal noise pollution.


Electric cars are very safe to drive. They have a heavier body structure which is an advantage. During accident situations they are likely to receive less damage and protect the occupants of the car.

However, they can catch fire like their internal combustion counterparts. This can happen in event of an accident or fault or a problem with the battery.


The electric car is the future type of car that will dominate and eventually face out internal combustion engine cars.It has been predicted that by 2030, more than 30% of car driven around the world will be electric.