PAD FOOTING/FOUNDATION DESIGN WITH EXCEL is a free excel program you can use to design pad footings to BS8110. It is named RCC81. It is a free excel program developed by the reinforced concrete council UK.

Pad footing/foundation design with excel
Pad footing/foundation design with excel

For us Civil/ Structural engineers, manual design can become very tasking and time consuming. However, structural analysis and design software have made the task easier but most are expensive. This one is FREE.

How to use RCC 81; Pad footing/foundation design with excel.

The excel program is very easy to understand and use. You enter data in blue cells. Part of data required include; strength of concrete and steel, bearing pressure of soil, factors of safety, proposed dimensions of pad footing and column dimensions, calculated axial loads and moments acting on the pad footing.

The program will check if pad footing dimensions chosen are suitable or not. It will even suggest pad footing dimensions that can work. You will also be able to view design status. If your design fails, it will state the reason why, so you will know which input value to adjust. When design status is valid, the program will calculate reinforcement required for the foundation footing.

You can watch video on how the program works click HERE

To download pad footing/ foundation design with excel (RCC 81), click HERE.


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