Some Windows Explorer Shortcuts

Have you ever looked for the windows explorer icon in your windows 10 PC to no avail, to deliver yourself from this trouble, just Press Windows key+E to open a new instance of File Explorer directly. 

 Alt+Up Arrow.  Go up one level . 

 Alt+Left Arrow.  Go to the previous folder in history.

Alt+Right Arrow.  Go to the next folder in history. 

Alt+D.  Move the focus to the address bar and select the current path. 

 F4.  Move the insertion point to the address bar and display the contents of the drop-down menu of previous addresses. 

Alt+Enter.  Show properties of the selected file. 

Tab.  Cycle through the following elements: navigation pane, file list, column headings, address bar, search box .

 F11.  Switch in and out of full-screen mode. 

Ctrl+Shift+N.  Create a new subfolder in the current folder. 

Ctrl+Shift+E.  Expand the navigation pane to the current  folder.

Choosing the right RAM for your PC

installed RAM on PC motherboard

Random Access Memory (RAM) stores memory temporarily for your computer programs to quickly access and use. RAM helps your computer run fast. In Fact apart from the Central Processing Unit, CPU, RAM is the next piece of hardware that helps boost the overall speed of your PC.

Buying good RAM for your PC is as important as the CPU. Even with a good CPU, running your PC on a poor RAM will slow down your PC.

There are many RAMs available, so you must choose the right RAM for your PC. Compatibility is a huge factor, always check that your PC is compatible with the RAM you want to buy before purchasing.


The two major pieces of information you should look out for in a RAM is its speed and storage capacity. The higher the speed and storage capacity of the RAM, the better.

Based on the type of PC you have, want to buy or build, There is usually a maximum limit of the RAM it can take. If you are building a PC, check the information that comes with the motherboard. Compatible RAMs and maximum RAM memory is clearly stated. If you bought a prebuilt PC/ laptop, check its user manual.

Most PCs come with 2 slots for installing RAM. The limiting factor is usually the maximum storage capacity of RAM it can handle. See the figure below. 

RAM memory limits for window based PCs

For instance if a PC can only handle a maximum of 8GB RAM, and it comes with 2 slots (which means you can install 2 RAMs), it’s either you install one 8GB RAM on one of the slots or two 4GB RAMs, one on each of the slots.

It is usually better to install the maximum capacity of RAM that your PC can take on one slot rather than sharing it across 2 slots.Your PC will run much faster using the first option.

Intel or AMD processors. Which one should you buy

Intel processor

The 2 CPU giants in the PC market are the Intel and AMD processors.

Of the 2 types of CPU makers mentioned above, Intel is the overall market leader in that their processors are widely preferred to that of AMD. Intel produces a wider range of processors and the  faster ones. You will agree with me that core i3, i5,  and i7s are the most sought after processors whether you want to build or buy a PC.

Intel processors are generally more expensive, but they give value for money. 

Does it mean that AMD processors are inferior; Not at all. The PS5 and PS4 video gaming consoles which are still the best sellers in the market run on AMD architecture. If you are on a budget, you should go for AMD processors as they are generally cheaper than their corresponding Intel counterparts.

Units of Data in Increasing Order

big data storage device

Bit is the smallest unit.

One Nibble = 4 bit.

One Byte = 8 bit.

One Kilobyte (KB) = 1,024 Byte.

One Megabyte (MB)  = 1,024 KB.

One  Gigabyte (GB)  = 1,024 MB.

One Terabyte (TB)  = 1,024 GB.

One Petabyte (PB) = 1,024 TB.

One  Exabyte (EB)  = 1,024 PB.

One Zetabyte (ZB) – 1,024 EB.

One  Yottabyte (YB) – 1,024 ZB.

One Brontebyte (BB) – 1,024 YB.

One Geopbyte – 1,024 BB.

A Geopbyte is the highest storage unit and it does not have any short form.

CPU Hyper thread, Multicore & Overclock

Hyper threading as it relates to CPU.

intel corei i7

Hyper threading enables a CPU to handle tasks more efficiently and resourcefully. It means the CPU can multitask without degrading system performance. Hyper threading was first made to work with x86 based CPUs such as Pentium 4. Now even Intel atom uses the hyperthreading technology. Hyperthreading makes a CPU like Pentium 4 behave as a dual core, but these cores are virtual, and they share the same computing resources but are efficiently managed.

Multicore as it relates to CPU

A Multicore CPU is a CPU capable of advanced multitasking using physical cores that have their own separate computing resources,( not shared). It is like plugging two or more individual processors into one integrated circuit. A CPU with multiple cores means that each core can be assigned to different tasks. However, if a core cannot adequately handle the task assigned to it, other cores can jointly assist to finish the task.  

Overclocking CPU

Most CPUs have their speeds clocked. However, some specially designed CPUs have adjustable clock speeds. The reason why most CPU speeds are clocked is to prevent them from burning out. Interl CPUs that can be overclocking capabilities have the letter K in their name while that of AMD is called black edition.

8 reasons to build your own PC

PC case showing components

Buy the exact parts you need to build your PC. When shopping for pre-built PCs in the market, finding the one that exactly suits you can be very hard.

Buying the PC components yourself and putting them together to make your PC is usually cheaper than a pre-built one of the same kind. You can also take advantage of deals when shopping for PC components.

You will be satisfied that you are really getting what you need for your business.

Building your computer yourself will help you understand how your PC works and rightly troubleshoot when necessary.

If you are really committed to building your PC you can spread the cost. That is, buying the components one by one until you get everything needed to build. You don’t have to borrow money.

Many prebuilt PCs come with software/Operating systems you don’t need or prefer. When you build your own PC, you install the software and the preferred operating system you need.

Better cooling for your PC is easily achieved by the careful choice of a PC case. You have a variety of PC cases to choose from. Some cases even come with multiple cooling fans That will better cool the processors making your PC work efficiently and last longer.

Its fun and a worthwhile experience when you build your own PC.