The Upcoming US presidential Election; What You Should Know.

The US Presidential election will be held on Tuesday 3rd November 2020. The two main contestants are President Donald Trump of the Repulican party and Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

How the US presidential election system works.

The US uses the electoral college system, so winning the most votes does not guarantee winning the election. Voters will vote to select Presidential electors who will in turn vote on December 14,2020 to elect a new President or retain the incumbent.

Each state is assigned a number of Presidential electors based on the population in each state. Whichever party that wins the presidential election in a particular state wins all the number of presidential electors assigned to that state. The presidential electors themselve are to remain faithful and vote for the presidential and vice presidential  candidate that won the election in their respective states. There are 538 presidential electors in total and for a presidential candidate to win, 270 or more must vote in favour.

Since the US presidential election is not simply based on the number of votes cast, presidential candidates usually concentrate their campaign on states that have high number of  presidential electors. Below are some states with high number of electors;

California: 55


New York: 29

Florida : 29

Illinois: 20

Pennsylvania: 20

electoral map of the 2020 November election

Who is going to win the US presidential election, Trump or Biden?

National opinion polls currently predict that Biden will win the election as he is leading by 7% over his incumbent rival, Trump. However it is still a close call as no one can clearly say who will win. In 2016 Hillary Clinton led in the polls and had about 3 million more votes than Trump but she still lost because she won fewer presidential electors.

The winner of the US 2020 presidential election will be inaugurated on Wednesday, 20th January, 2021 according to latest reports.

If Biden wins the election,he will be the first candidate to defeat an incumbent president in 28 years since Republican George H. W Bush’s defeat to Bill Clinton in 1992.

How To Fix a Slow Booting PS4.

So your once sleek and fast PS4 now boots slowly and freezes during gameplay. Normally, The PlayStation 4 takes about 25 seconds to boot. If you did not properly switch off the console, booting time could take over one and a half minutes, but usually less than 2 minutes. This is because your console will first do a system scan before start up.

Cause of a slow booting PS4.

When your console takes more than 2 minutes or forever to boot, there is a problem. Also you may notice that screen freezes during gameplay or the game stops abruptly. Don’t be scared, the problem is usually a software issue and can be fixed by starting the console in safe mode

The major culprit or cause of a PlayStation 4 that boots slowly is errors withing the software or operating system of your console as a result of sudden power cuts .

Your console is in danger if:

  • Electricity is suddenly cut off during gameplay.
  • You are in the habit of not switching off your console first before upluging from power outlet.
  • You live in an area with frequent power outages.
  • Your PS4 power cable is faulty.
  • You use a faulty or substandard electric generator to power your console.
  • Your plug your console into faulty electric sockets.

How to fix a slow booting PS4.

starting PS4 in safe mode

You can fix this problem yourself by starting the PS4 in safe mode and then following the prompt or instructions shown on screen.

To start the PS4 in safe mode, press and hold the power button of your console for 8 seconds or until you hear a second beep.  At this point, and by looking at the connected TV screen, you will be instructed to connect a PS4 controller to the console using a USB cable and then press the, PS button, on the controller.

On doing that, you will be taking to safe mode where you will be presented with seven fix issue. For a slow booting PS4, you can start from option3, then down to option 7.

PS4 in safe mode

Note that if an option doesn’t work, you will need to activate safe mode again to select the next option.

Now let’s take a quick look at some of the options;

For option 3; “update system software”, on selecting it, you will be given 3 options to update software.It is easier updating using the internet. So have your PS4 already connected to the internet before attempting this option.

Selecting option 4 will restore your console settings to their default values.

Selecting option 5 will rebuild the database of your console, the process may take time to complete. Your data will not be deleted. However this option may solve the issue of your slow booting PS4. 

Option 6 will initialize your console, that is, reset your PS4, you will be warned that all user account and data will be deleted including downloaded games.

The last option is an advanced reset of your console all data will be lost and PS4 returned   to initial state when it was purchased. You will need the system software properly copied to a USB stick and inserted into your console to continue.

Publisher of Oxford English Dictionary ask Court to dismiss suit filed against it by Nigerian Lawyer.

Oxford English Mini Dictionary

Publisher of Oxford English Dictionary has asked a Lagos Court to strike out a suit filed against it by a Nigerian lawyer; Emmanuel Ofoegbu, seeking N10m damages.

The lawyer claimed that the dictionary misplaced the meanings of the words “mortgagee’’ and “mortgagor” which made him suffer loss of professional reputation and embarrassment.

In the 1999 edition of the Oxford English Mini Dictionary which the lawyer claimed that  “mortgagee’’ was wrongly defined as  the borrower in a mortgage transaction and “mortgagor’’ wrongly defined as the lender.

But the publisher asked the court to strike out the case because the Oxford English Mini Dictionary has been revised 3 times since the 1999 edition. Consequently the errors had been corrected in these 3 editions. Implying that Emmanuel Ofoegbu should have referenced the latest edition before taking it to court

The publisher said it would not accept liability because “Oxford Mini Dictionaries are published as general reference tools and not designed or held out as dictionaries of legal terms for use by legal practitioners.”

Read the full story HERE

Release of the new James Bond film; No Time To Die, postponed till 2021.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

The new James Bond film; no time to die, originally scheduled for release by November this year has been delayed till April 2021.

This has come as a great disappointment to fans worldwide that have been waiting since April 2020 when it was first scheduled for release.

The movie producers blamed the coronavirus pandemic for the delay. They said it was delayed so that the movie would be seen by a worldwide theatrical audience.

According to the BBC, No Time To die may be Daniel Craig’s final appearance as British secret agent in James Bond Movies.

President Trump Test Positive To Coronavirus

Its all over the News. The president of the United States, President Trump tests positive to coronavirus along with His wife.

The President Himself tweeted the news on His official twitter account yesterday. He is said to be in a stable condition but many people think otherwise.

Since the news, there has been no official briefing on his current health status.

According to CNN, President Trump is going to Walter Reed Medical Center where He will be for several days for treatment.

Melania Trump is said to be in a stable state of health.

Spectranet’s Free Unlimited Night to Morning Browsing Data Plans.

spectranet data plans
Spectranet’s unified value data plans

Spectranet has revamped their internet data plans make them cheaper and affordable. Not only that, most of the plans now come with a free unlimited Night to Morning browsing. Free unlimited night to morning browsing starts from 1am – 8am while free unlimited morning browsing starts from 4am-8am in the morning.

There are many data plans to choose from. Their data plans are as categorized as follows;

Unified value plans

Mega value plans

Always on plans

Smart choice plans

Bumpa value plans and mini plans

Whether you will be given unlimited night or morning browsing depends on data plan categories you are subscribed to.

time of free unlimited browsing
time of free unlimited browsing (spectranet)

When you subscribe to any unified value plan you qualify for free unlimited morning browsing. The cheapest unified value plans costs 3,070 naira for 8GB per month. You have free unlimited browsing from 4am-8am.

When you subscribe to any mega value plan you qualify for free unlimited night browsing. The cheapest mega value plan costs 7,165 naira for 18GB per month and you have free unlimited browsing from 1am -8am.

some spetranet's mega value plans
Spectranet mega value plans
spectranet mini plans
Spectranet’s mini plans

In addition, you can always take advantage of Spectranet’s free periodical 100% data bonus when it is available for your account.

For more information on Spectranet data plans check them out on Spectranet’s official website