Diamond Banking Mobile Banking Code and how to use it.


Diamond bank mobile banking code is *426#.  It can be used together with your phone number to transfer funds, check balance, buy airtime, change pin and much more. Your phone number must be the one registered with your bank account with Diamond bank. To use this code you must have opened a bank account with them. This type of mobile banking do not need internet to function; just your mobile phone number.

How to use Diamond bank mobile bank code

To register/activate *426#. For your account, follow these steps;

  1. Dial *426# with your registered phone number with the bank.
  2. Enter the last six numbers of your ATM card.
  3. Enter your diamond bank account number.
  4. Create a 4 digit pin to use for your mobile bank transactions.

To change pin

  1. Dial *426*0#.
  2. Enter the last six numbers of your ATM card & account number.
  3. At the Prompt, change PIN

To check account balance

  1. Dial *426*00#
  2. Select account number
  3. Receive account balance through sms.

To request for debit card

  1. Dial *426#
  2. Selected card request.
  3. Select account number.
  4. Selected /confirm pickup location.
  5. Authenticate transaction with your PIN.

To transfer funds to Diamond bank account or other bank account

  1. Dial *426*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number# (e.g.: *426*5000*3204516745#).
  2. Confirm transaction with your PIN.

To buy airtime:

(Load phone number registered with bank)

  1. Dial *426*Amount# (e.g.: *426*1000#)

(Load other phone numbers)

  1. dial *426*Amount*Phone Number#. (e.g. *426*2000*08054878626)

Requirements for Opening a Current Account with Diamond bank.

(Requirements also similar to other Nigerian Banks)

What is Current Account?

A current account is an account that allows you to deposit or receive payments using cheques. It is an account that is best suited for regular transactions.

What you need to open a current account with diamond bank

  1. ₦5000 (opening balance).
  2. Completed application form, you can download it HERE.
  3. 2 completed reference forms. (Must be current account holders).
  4. 2 signature specimen cards.
  5. Valid identification i.e voters card, international passport, driver’s license.
  6. 2 passport photo. (recent)
  7. Proof of address i.e. electricity bill, tenancy agreement.

See opening of savings account 

See opening of domiciliary account

Benefits of opening a current account with diamond bank

  1. Zero operating balance.
  2. No monthly fees.

Requirements for opening a Savings Account with Diamond Bank.

What is a Saving Account?

A savings account is the most basic type of account you can open. It allows you to deposit and withdraws funds as needed. Savings account pay you very little interest rates on funds deposited. You can’t use a basic savings account to receive cheque payments.

What you need to open a saving account (Diamond bank).

(Similar to other Nigerian banks)

  1. ₦1000
  2. One completed application form. You can click HERE to download or visit Diamond Bank Website.
  3. Valid identification; voter’s card, driver’s license, international passport.
  4. Proof of address; electricity bill, tenancy receipts etc.
  5. One passport photo

See HERE for requirements to open a Domiciliary account

Benefits when you open a savings account with Diamond bank.

(Similar to other Nigerian banks)

  1. Internet, mobile and telephone banking.
  2. Debit card ( for local ATM deposit/withdrawals and online payments)

Requirements to open a Domiciliary Account with Diamond bank

A domiciliary account is designed to help you easily carry out foreign exchange transactions. With Diamond bank domiciliary account, you can bank in the three major world currencies; US dollars, Euros and the British pound.

To apply for an open a domiciliary account as an individual with diamond bank you will need these:

  1. A minimum of $100, or €100, or £100
  2. A completed application form.
  3. 2 reference forms completed by individuals maintaining a current account in any Nigerian bank. For faster processing use current account holders with Diamond bank.
  4. 2 completed signature specimen card.
  5. Means of identification; National ID card, International passport or Voters registration card.
  6. 2 recent passport photographs.
  7. Evidence of residential address; PHCN Utility Bill, Tenancy agreement etc.

See HERE  for requirements for opening a savings account

Diamond bank Domiciliary account transfer withdrawal charges.

Outward Transfer Charges;

  • Through branch: 0.5% flat on transfers Plus $20.
  • Through internet: 0.35% on transfers plus $20.

Account to account transfer within diamond bank;

  • Internet banking: free.
  • Branch: 0.5%.

Cash withdrawal:

  • 0.25% on cash withdrawn.

About Diamond Bank Nigeria

Diamond bank is a financial service provider from Nigeria and headquartered in Lagos Nigeria.  Asides it numerous branches all over Nigeria, It has branches in the United Kingdom, Togo, Senegal, Benin republic.

Established December 20, 1990, the bank’s assets is valued in excess of 1.7 trillion naira that is over 7.3billion US dollars.

Diamond bank was founded by Pascal G. Dozie. Dr. Chris Ogbechie is chairman and Uzoma Dozie is Managing director / CEO. Other key members  of the bank are;

Mr. Uzoma Dozie

Mr. Kabir Alkali Mohammed

Mr. Rotimi Oyekanmi


Diamond bank headquarters address;

Diamond Bank PLC (Head Office, PGD’s Place)

PGD’s Place, Plot 4, Block 5, BIS Way, off Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki, Lagos
Telephone: +234-01-4489830, 0700-300-0000
Fax: +234-1-2619728

Diamond bank is a Universal Bank, that is, it participates in and provide all kinds of banking and financial activities.

Diamond bank Subsidiaries include:

 Diamond Bank (UK) Plc

36-38 Leadenhall Street,
London EC3A1AT
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7184 4100
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7184 4199


Diamond Pension Funds Custodian Limited

1A Tiamiyu Savage Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: +234-1-2713954, 2713680, 7243161, 4613753.

Diamond bank also has a wide list of correspondent banks, which enable it easily carry out all kinds of banking transaction all over the world.

For inquiries about diamond bank, you can send an email to enquiries@diamondbank.com or call 0700 300 0000

To download account opening forms, checkout their download center