Reinforced Concrete Council Design Spreadsheets.

Hello Engineer, this page was created to help you with information and download of reinforced concrete design spreadsheets.  Reinforced concrete council design spreadsheets (RCC spreadsheets) were developed by the reinforced concrete council based in the UK.

These RCC spreadsheets are  free licensed programs, meaning it is free for use, you don’t need to purchase it. To check its free license; 

  1. open the spreadsheet
  2. At the footing, click on the Notes tab, 
  3. there you will see the status of the spreadsheets which states; Public release version
RCC spreadsheets is Free

These RCC spreadsheets design reinforced concrete elements to BS 8110.

RCC spreadsheets are very reliable. They have been around for a very long time and has been used by civil / structural engineers and students around the world. RCC spreadsheet (BS 8110) have now been superseded by its Eurocode versions.

Candid Advice on Use of RCC Spreadsheets.

To enjoy RCC spreadsheets, you will need to have a basic understanding of reinforced concrete design of structural elements to BS 8110. The spreadsheets were designed to mimic hand calculations. So how to design slab, beams, columns, retain walls, pad footing etc is very essential.

Books like;  Reinforced concrete design to bs 8110, 5th edition by W.H. Mosley and J.H. Bungey will be very helpful.

RCC spreadsheets were released in modules based on the type of structural elements you want to design. The download section below will provide a concise information on each RCC spreadsheet module and download link

Download Section RCC spreadsheets.

RCC11 Element Design. Xls

RCC11 is used for the design of reinforced concrete slabs, beams and columns. It will calculate steel reinforcements required and show the design calculations. You can also use it to get appropriate member size. However, you will need to have calculated design moments for slabs/beams and axial load & moments before use.

RCC12 Bending and Axial Force.xls

RCC12 is used to design reinforced concrete columns. You don’t need to have previously calculated anything, just tryout different column sections and reinforcements until you get the one that works.

RCC 21 Subframe Analysis.xls

RCC 21 is used to calculate design moments of slabs, beams, and columns within a  reinforced concrete structural frame. 

RCC 31 One Way Slab Design.xls

RCC 31: For the design of one way slabs. Continuous design.

RCC41 Continuous Beams.xls

RCC 41 for the design of continuous beams.

RCC 51 Column Load Take Down.xls

RCC 51 is used to determine column load and moments acting on the pad footing.

RCC 52 Column Chart Generation.xls

RCC 52 is used for the design of symmetrically reinforced rectangular columns about the x-x axis.

RCC 53 Column Design.xls

RCC53 is used for the design of rectangular columns. It can design symmetrically reinforced rectangular columns bent about the 2 axes.

RCC 62 Retaining Wall.xls

RCC62 is used for the design of cantilever retaining walls.

RCC 71 Stair flight and single.xls

RCC71 is used for the design of stair flights and landings to BS 8110:1997.

RCC 81 Foundation Pads.xls

RCC 81 is used to design column pad footing to BS 8110:1997.