What is Soft Reset and How to do it.

A soft reset is the same as turning off the device then turning it back on. It does not wipe programs, data, or malware but can correct the device if it becomes unresponsive or crashes.

In some devices without soft reset capability, cutting off power to the device and removing the batteries, then restoring power to the device and fixing back the battery will soft reset the device.

A soft reset should be the first step to take when your computer device malfunctions.

For instance, a computer that suddenly shows the blue screen of death can be partially or fully fixed with a soft reset. In any case a soft reset will enable you to put on the computer and then deal with the issue causing the blue screen to appear.

Soft Reset of Windows computers

Nearly all  Windows computers can be soft reset by holding down the Power button for about ten seconds to shutdown. After the device shuts down, wait about ten seconds and press the Power button once to restart the computer.

Soft Reset of Mac computers

Hold down the Power button for about five seconds, to completely shut down the Mac PC. Wait a few seconds, and press the power button once again to reboot the Mac.

For some Macs pressing and holding the Power button may display a menu; press R to reboot directly, rather than shutting down and restarting the device.

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