19 Things you need to know about the upcoming PlayStation 5

the 2 types of playstation 5 console
PS5 console Variants

The much awaited PlayStation 5 will come in mid November 2020. There is a lot of hype about it. Its the upcoming next generation console. Here are 19 facts we already know about the upcoming console.

  1. The PS5 will come in two variants;

The standard edition and the discless edition.

2. It will launch on November 19th in the UK and it will cost $499 for the standard edition and $399 for the disc less or digital only edition.

Price of PS5
Prices of PS5

3. It will launch on November 12th in the United states.

PS5 release dates
PS5 Release Dates

4. 3 games will be available free  for the PS5 at launch, they are;

  • Astro play room which will showcase the new PS5 dualsense controller.
  • Fortnite
  • GTA  online which will be available free for the first 3 months after its release.
Fortnite PS5
Playroom PS5

5. Many games will be available during launch of the PS5 including;

Spiderman, demon souls, sack boy, destruction all stars and others.

6. A new collection of PS4 games known as PS plus collection will be available for PS5 owners upon release. This will enable PS5 owners with a plus subscription, to play a larger collections of the best PS4 games on their new PS5 console.

7. The new PS5 controller is called dual sense because the player will experience haptic feed back and feel resistance on the trigger controls during gameplay.

8. The controller will feature a rechargeable battery

9. The PS5 will be at least twice as fast as the PS4 with better graphics and faster loading times for more on PS5 specs, see this article titled: ABOUT THE PLAYSTATION 5

10. The PS5 will feature an ultra HD blu ray drive meaning you can watch 4k blu ray on the console.

11. The PS5 will produce stunning 4k graphics with faster load times than the PS4.

12. It is 8K ready so you can play on your 8k TV, if you have one.

13. Games can be installed and played in segments to save space. So  players can remove the campaign mode or multiplayer mode of a game.

14. PS5 storage can be expanded with a compatible SSD.

15. The console will feature a 3D audio sound system which will provide a sense of 3D sound immersion close to real life.

16. PS5 accessories include;

HD camera, controller charging station, remote control and 3D headset.

17. PSVR will be compatible with the PS5 so you can play your virtual reality games.

18. The console will be backward compatible with majority of your PS4 games.

19. Some newer games coming to the PS4 now can be upgraded to be played on the PS5 when it is released. For instance FIFA 21 is coming out on the PS4 but when you buy your PS5 you can upgrade FIFA 21 to be playable on the PS5.

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