Steps to take after you have just brought a land

There are many reasons why people purchase land. Most people purchase land to build a house or building structure on it. It is expected that a successfully purchased land should be developed as soon as possible.

If you bought a plot of land from the government, developing it as soon as possible is the best way to prevent relocation of the plot to someone else. You will not lose your plot of land but you might now have it in a less desirable location.

In reality it can take some time before a purchased land can be developed. But it’s not advisable to just leave the land fallow. These are some things you can do to keep it busy and discourage people from trespassing or illegally taking some portion out of your land.

  1. You can construct a fence round the portion of land purchased.
  2. If you do not have the money to fence it round you can construct corner pieces at the extremes of the plot
  3. You can farm on it in the meantime.
  4. If you are not farming on it, have it cleared of thick vegetation periodically.
  5. Visit the site periodically noting what is going on around.

Also concurrently, you can start the design of the building with the help of an architect according to town planning regulations. Have the land surveyed according to government regulations (Red copy) Then process  and obtain town planning approval.

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