On Buying a Landed Property

Buying land is a cautious and serious business. It is not something that should be done in haste. There must be proper investigations as to the history of the land and pricing of  which process will take some time. 

I will briefly discuss under the following headings

Apply caution.

Buying land is not a rushing matter. You must take time to investigate and try other options. You must save enough money for transportation costs to places of interest.

Know the original owners of the land and the relationship to the person that wants to sell.

Experience has shown that you will not immediately meet with the real land owners but middle men. Ensure that these middle men tell you the history or what they know about the land. At advance stages of negotiations make sure they allow you to meet with the real seller or owner in person. Feel free to inquire from people living around the area where you want  to buy the land.

Find out the real price of the land.

The middle men will always inflate the price of the land. Smartly negotiate the price with them. If possible negotiate with the real owner of the land.

Check the genuineness of the land at the lands registry.

Before you make payment for landed property, take time to independently check the genuineness of the land at the land registry. If the land already has a red copy survey, it makes the process easier.

Be ready to pay a little more than the agreed price of the land.

After making payment for the land you will also pay the agent or middle men their commission. This is usually a small percentage of the cost of the land. You should negotiate it with them.

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