Using Google Search

Google search is a very sophisticated search engine. It has  undergone various improvements over the years. It is the world’s number one search program.

Knowing how to use Google search will greatly help on your quest for specific knowledge.

You can access Google search by simply typing on the web address bar.

I assume you are using the mobile version of Google search. In the Google search page you will notice many options. The search or query bar is conspicuous. Under the search bar you will find options to change the language. 

Clicking the 3 horizontal line icon at the top left of the screen will lead to various search settings. On clicking SETTINGS you are presented with even more options. A notable option is the ability to filter out explicit results.

If you click Settings at the bottom of the page you will be presented with other search options including Advanced Search. In Advanced search, you will be given options to help you narrow your search to produce controlled or specific results.

When you type a query into the search bar. Results related to your search query are presented. You can narrow your research by  clicking on any specialized category  i.e , images or videos, located just below the search bar. So let’s say you want your search results to show images, just click on the specialized search category, Images.

You can also directly type a specialized search url in the address bar. For instance let’s say you want to check prices of laptop. Just type then type laptop in the search bar.

You can visit a shop website or you can narrow your search by clicking images. So many options you can explore. If you are a student another specialized Google search you can visit is

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