Column Design with Excel

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Column design with excel, named RCC 52 is a free program you can use to carry out your column design. This program was created with Microsoft Excel by the Reinforced Concrete Council United Kingdom. It designs to British Standard (BS) 8110. RCC 52 can really aid your design as it can design up to six columns at once.

How to use column design with excel; RCC 52.

The program is very easy to understand and use. you enter data in blue cells.

In the first rows of the spreadsheet you can enter project name, title, name of design, date, page and so on.

At the second set of rows you enter strength of concrete and steel, factors of safety and cover to reinforcement.

In the third set of rows, enter proposed column dimensions and and number of reinforcement bars.

In the bar arrangement section, you enter the highest bar diameter you want to use.

Directly under the column chart is the load cases section. There are six load cased which means six columns can be designed at once. You can design vertical row of columns from top to bottom. you will be required to enter pre-calculated load and moment acting on the columns.

Column design

By using the generated column chart with the bar arrangement table, you will know which columns have valid design. You can keep trying out several column dimensions, and number of reinforcement bars until an economic design is achieved.

You can watch video on how Column Design with Excel works;

To download column design with excel spreadsheet; CLICK HERE.

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