How to make your fufu starch at home from cassava.

The  fufu starch in this article is made from fermented cassava that has been soaked in water for days.

How to do it

Harvest Cassava or buy


Peel off the outer skin of the cassava as shown

Peeled cassava

Wash the peeled cassava thoroughly 

Wash cassava

Soak the cassava in a bucket or bowl of clean water. Make sure all cassava is under the water surface. This process is to soften the cassava. It can take between 4 to 10 days for the cassava to soften

Soak cassava for 4-10 days

With a bowl of water and a plastic sieve as shown, squeeze and mash the softened cassava  with your hand in the sieve partially submerged in water to extract the starch into the water. You can throw away the residue or dry  and blend it and use to feed your chickens

If the soaked cassava is still to hard to process with your hand you can blend it then sieve in a bowl containing clean water as in the previous example. Blending the cassava may make the fufu more starchy 

Leave the processed mixture to settle for like 8 hours. You can speed up the process by pouring the mixture in a sieve bag and apply slight pressure by tieing the bag so that water goes out slowly into the bowl as shown

Leave fufu startch to settle

Extract the raw fufu starch  into a pot ready to cook

Fufu startch ready to cook

To watch the video see BELOW

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