How to prepare broiled lobster tails

Broiled lobster tail is a delicious healthy seafood. You can easily brought your lobster tail in the oven using the broiler. But I’m sure it turns out slightly  brown and not burnt.


4 whole lobster tails

1 cup of melted butter

Half teaspoon of ground pepper

Salt and spice to taste.

Cooking method

1. preheat the broiler

2. Wash he Lobster tails, cut them open lengthwise to expose the meat. Season the meat with equal amount of melted butter ground pepper salt and spices.

3. Place them into a baking sheet then put in the oven.

4. Broiled lobster tails until they become slightly Brown and the meat inside have become opaque. This process can take about 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Serve.

Number of servings: 4

About the Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris is a mini semi compact car sold by Toyota since 1999. Toyota Yaris replaced Toyota tercel Toyota starlet. Toyota Yaris was formerly called. Yaris is also called Vitz, Platz,Belts) in Japan, Vios in Asia region and Echo in Australia and North America.

The name Yaris means charm and beauty. The number of Toyota Yaris models  that have  been sold is  over 8.71 million since 2020.

Toyota Yaris is usually shipped in 3 / 5 door hatchback models, 4-door sedan models, and 2-door coupe models.

The Toyota Yaris is equipped with compact straight four cylinder engine that is best known for its fuel economy. In fact one of its engine models, the 2NZ FE engine won the engine of the year award in 2000.

2 Natural Home made Deodorant Recipes for Sensitive Skin

Natural deodorant

Here are 2 natural homemade deodorant recipes to try at home. This deodorant is very gentle on your skin

Recipe 1

12 tablespoons of coconut oil

12 tablespoons of shea butter

8 tablespoons of diatomaceous earth

8 tablespoons of arrowroot powder

10 drops of vitamin E oil

Recipe 2

12 tablespoons of coconut oil

12 tablespoons of beeswax

12 tablespoons of arrowroot powder

4 tablespoons of cornstarch

2 teaspoons of honey.


With reference to the chosen recipe, melt the thick oils such as the bees wax, coconut oil and shear butter on low heat over the stove. Mix them thoroughly until an even mixture is formed. Allow the mixture to cool down then add the powders such as the arrowroot powder, cornstarch or   the 

diatomaceous earth , then add the honey,  and mix thoroughly. Leave the mixture to solidify and it is ready to use.

Android Phone Camera Tips


Camera phone comes with advanced features these days. Here are some Android phone camera tips to make you get the best out of your camera phone.

Keep the camera lens clean

Always clean your phone camera lens before using it to take pictures. This will ensure the highest image quality possible according to your camera settings.

Avoid zooming

When you zoom before you take a photo you may not get a good quality image. If you always want to take photos of the highest quality then try as much as possible not to use the zoom function. 

Avoid using the flash

Always take pictures in a well-lit environment for best results. Even if the environment is not well lit, still avoid using the flash. Using the flash usually results in  outputs of uneven colours or whitewashed areas. If using the flash is unavoidable, first of all try adjusting the lights sensitivity settings of the camera and see if it produces better results.

Use High Dynamic Range Function (HDR) 

High dynamic range (HDR) capability is becoming the new standard for smartphone cameras. It enables you take realistic pictures that are closer to what the human eye sees in reality.

HDR is best suited for landscape or nature shots. Don’t use HDR to take pictures of action or moving objects. Also it is not best suited for portraits as it could give too much detail and you may not like it. You can use it to take photos of groups of people instead.

Use camera modes

Take advantage of the camera modes that come with your Android phone. It makes taking shots of certain scenes or scenarios easier.

For instance use burst mode to take pictures of moving objects such as children and animals. In burst mode the phone can take several pictures in a few seconds and reviewing the pictures taken you can select the best of them and keep.

The panorama mode can also help you take a picture of a very large scene and make it look as if it was taken with a single shot.

Add clip-on lens

clip on lens

A good way to increase your Android phone camera capabilities is to add a clip-on lens.

This type of add-on camera lens helps your phone to take better zoom, wide angle and close up pictures.

How to Transfer Data between Your Phone and PC using a USB Cable

Data transfer with USB Cable

Your Android smartphone is like a mini computer in fact most of what you can do with your laptop you can also do with your mobile phone. So knowing how to transfer files between your phone and PC will make your work much easier. There are many ways you can transfer files from your phone to PC however this article will only explain how to do it with a USB cable.

The USB cable that comes with your smartphone can be used to charge the phone and transfer data. However some USB cable can only charge your phone and not transfer data. Check the information that comes with your USB cable.

How to transfer using the USB cable

1. Connect the USB cable to your device and to a spare USB port on your PC. You may see a notification on your computer telling you that a device is being installed (USB drivers being added). Unlock your phone or tablet and check the notifications panel to see a ‘Use USB for… notification.

2. Select the Transfer files option and then open the  File Explorer on your PC. You should now see you your device listed (Galaxy note 8 for example) in the This PC

section of the window. Click on the device name and select either the internal storage or the MicroSD card if you have one.

3. You will see various folders in whichever storage section you choose. You can now copy and paste or drag and drop files from your computer to the relevant folders on your device. For example, Music files placed in the Music folder, will automatically be found by your music app on the device.

4.  If you are having problems with this process, try the following:

  •  check your computer’s settings to make sure that Windows automatically detects new hardware.
  • Restart your computer and restart your device. 
  • Try a different USB cable and then try a different USB port on your PC.

How to transfer files from your Phone to PC using Google Drive

Google drive logo

Drive Drive is a cloud storage service provided by Google. If you have a Google account then you also have a Google Drive. With Google Drive you can store up to 15 GB of data for free.

To install Google Drive on your Android phone just go to Play store and search for Google Drive then download to your phone.

To install Google Drive on your PC search for Google Drive for desktop on Google search then download the app to your PC.

Now if you don’t want to download the apps you can always go to

 login to your account and then you can upload the files and download at will.

General procedure for transferring files from your PC to Phone and vice versa using Google Drive

Install Google Drive on your phone and do the same on your PC

Open Google Drive on your phone, then drag and drop files that you want to upload from your phone to Google Drive. The files will be uploaded to Google Drive. You’ll be shown the progress as the uploading takes place and you will be given a notification when the process is done.

Next, go to your PC open the Google Drive app and then search for the file you uploaded from your phone and then you can download to your PC.

This process is a wireless process but requires an internet connection.

Note that you can also do the process the other way around that is you can transfer files from your PC to your phone using this process.

Below is a detailed process for how you can transfer files from your phone to PC using Google Drive.

1.On your computer, you can upload from  the HYPERLINK or on your

desktop. You can upload files into private or shared folders. On your computer, go to and open or create a folder.

To upload files and folders, drag them into the Google Drive folder or a specific folder you want them to be in.

2. If you prefer to use the desktop version of Google Drive you will need to install it first. Search online for Google Drive for desktop to find it. Once installed, you will see a folder called Google Drive. Drag files or

folders into that folder and they will upload to Google  Drive.

3.Open the Google Drive app on your phone or tablet and you should be able to see the files you have uploaded. You can view and even edit most files but they won’t actually be on your mobile device. If you want them on the device itself, you must download them.

4. To transfer files, such as photos, from your phone to  your computer, open the app where the file was created,select share and choose Share to Google Drive. Once the file is copied into Google Drive, it will become available for you to download to you computer.