Bruce Willis Diagnosed with Dementia

Bruce Willis

The family of Bruce Willis Just announced that he has been diagnosed with dementia. The type of dementia he is diagnosed with is known as frontotemporal dementia. This type of dementia happens when the nerve cells of the  frontal and temporal lobes of the brain decrease in number. Bruce Willis who is 67 years old was previously diagnosed with aphasia which forced him to retire from acting.

People with dementia often find it difficult to speak full sentences, hold things properly, read and write. They also find it difficult to hold full conversations with people.

Who is Bruce Willis?

Bruce Willis is an American actor, producer, and singer. He was born on March 19, 1955, in Idar-Oberstein, West Germany (now Germany) and raised in New Jersey, United States. He is best known for his roles in action films, including the Die Hard series, as well as for his work in dramas and comedies.

Willis began his career in the early 1980s, appearing in several TV shows and films. He gained recognition for his role as David Addison Jr. in the television series Moonlighting, which aired from 1985 to 1989. His breakthrough role came in 1988 with the action film Die Hard, in which he played the role of John McClane. He has since appeared in several sequels to the film, including Die Hard 2, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Live Free or Die Hard, and A Good Day to Die Hard.

In addition to his work in the Die Hard series, Willis has appeared in numerous other films, including Pulp Fiction, Armageddon, The Sixth Sense, and Unbreakable. He has also made appearances on several television shows, including Friends, where he played the character of Paul Stevens.

Outside of his acting career, Willis has released two albums as a singer and has also produced several films. He has been married twice, first to actress Demi Moore, with whom he has three daughters, and later to model Emma Heming, with whom he has two daughters.

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