Scotch Bonnets: Characteristics and Uses

Scotch bonnets

Scotch bonnets are a type of very hot chili peppers common in west Africa and the caribbean. They have a heat rating of between 100000 – 400000 scoville units.

Scotch bonnets also have their completely sweet varieties too known as cachucha peppers. In Yoruba land in west Africa, Scotch bonnet is known as atarodo. 

Fresh ripe scotch bonnets came in red, green, yellow, orange peach and even chocolate brown varieties.

Uses of Scotch bonnets

Scotch bonnets is a major ingredient used in the preparation of condiments for flavouring food.

They  are used to spice many dishes worldwide.Used to cook hot sauces and pepper stews. Also used in the flavouring of roasted and fried meat.

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