The Highly Controversial Portugal vs Ghana Game

Portugal vs Ghana game

Portugal defeated Ghana in their first world cup matches in group H. But it was a highly controversial game. It was a five goal thriller and both teams gave a good account of themselves. Portugal won the game but we’re aided by poor officiating.

The first two goals by Portugal were questionable. In the 65th minute C. Ronaldo was brought down by a Ghanian defender in the 18 yard box, but that contact was minimal and C. Ronaldo took full advantage of it. A penalty was awarded to Portugal which led to their first goal. What amazed me was that there was no VAR check on the foul of C Ronaldo.

In the 78 minute, Joao Felix scored assisted by a defense splitting pass from Bruno Fernandes, but Felix was slightly offside before Fernandes played the pass. Again, there was no VAR check.

Ghana felt hard done by. It is up to FIFA to review the situation and ensure such doesn’t repeat itself in the future.

Advice to  African Teams Qatar World Cup Advice to African Teams in the on going world cup tournament in Qatar:

Play good and neat football, particularly against World Class Teams.

Defenders should be very careful and precise when tackling world class players in delicate situations. The odds will always favor them ( the world class players in these situations)

To African Players in Qatar; dont get too emotional during a match, just play the football the way it is meant to be played.

If the final results go against your team, accept it in good faith, take a critical look at mistakes made and how a repeat can be prevented in the next game.

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