When and how you know that Your Car needs fixing

Car under repair

In this fast paced modern world, cars are a necessity. The importance of cars for ease of transportation cannot be overemphasized. Cars are also good for pleasure too. However, whether your car is for business or pleasure maintenance is the key. Good maintenance of your car will ensure that you use it for several years and still have good second hand value.

 How and when you know it’s time to fix your car.

Every component of your car is very important to ensure that your driving is very safe and comfortable. Don’t ignore any warning signs your car gives. Below are some warning signs your car can give if it’s about to get a fault and need fixing


 If you notice a leakage of oil or water  under where you park your car you should have it investigated. If it is engine oil it’s probably there is a leakage of oil from your engine. If it’s brake fluid then either there’s a leakage or malfunctioning of your break or clutch. And if it’s a water leakage then check if the radiator is not leaking.

Unpleasant sounds from the wheels

Once you notice any unpleasant sounds coming from the wheels arrangements of your car, then have it checked by a qualified personnel at your earliest convenience


When your car overheats on the highway, then it indicates that something is wrong with the car cooling system, so have the radiator and the cooling system checked by a qualified personnel.

Burning smell of rubber while driving

When driving are you noticed a smell like that of burning rubber then it’s most likely there’s a problem with your clutch, immediately have it checked by qualified personnel

Lights not coming on  or dim

Always check for malfunctioning of the turning/ signal lights, headlights, the car inner lights and so on.

Repair the faulty ones at your earliest convenience.


If white or black smoke is coming out of your car exhaust, don’t take this for granted have the engine checked. This could mean a problem with the engine oil, engine itself or a component of it.

Tire pressure

Make sure your tires are at the correct  and same pressure. If you notice any tire is deflated, have it fixed or you can change to the spare. Don’t drive a car without a spare tire. You will never know when you will need it. Make sure your tires are in good condition, check the wearing indicators of the tire, that way, you will know how long your tires will last or whether they need replacement soon.

Overspeeding and over revolutions

Two important indicators you find in your car are the speedometer and the  engine revolutions indicator. Always subjecting your car to very high speeds such as over all the kilometer per hour and high engine revolutions will make your engine wear out faster/ increase your maintenance costs.

Performance of the brake,  clutch and gears

If you notice reduced performance of the brake, gears and clutch system. You must  immediately have it checked by a qualified personnel.

Indicator lights in your dashboard

If the brake, engine oil, temperature and service engine soon lights come on and doesn’t turn off, immediately and without any form of delay have it checked by a qualified technician.

Regular service every 3 months

Try to take your car for servicing every 3 months. What the mechanic will check and service will include;  the changing of the engine oil, checking of the brake pads, brake fluids,shock absorbers and other springs. That  the horns, doors and  windows are working properly. That the bonnet and boot  are working  properly. In all the mechanic should check that the car is still in fine shape and fix anything that is out of place or faulty.

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