Basic Capabilities of an High End Phone

A high end mobile phone does more than just a mobile phone. Simply put, it is a  mini PC in your pocket. Most of what can be achieved with your traditional laptops can also be done with your high-end mobile phone. 

Qualities of an High End Mobile Phone

  1. It should have high computing capabilities. It should be  equipped with powerful processors  including graphics processors for gaming and video editing.
  2. Should possess high ROM and RAM storage space. ( At least 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM)
  3. Can shoot high resolution and high definition/ 4k quality pictures and videos.
  4. Should be able to handle powerful apps such as Microsoft office, video editing apps with ease.
  5. Can play high end games without noticeable lagging.
  6. Has Machine learning abilities. 
  7. Smooth and seamless operations at all times

What to look out for when purchasing a high end mobile phone.

Storage capacity of RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory.

 Don’t go for a phone less than 4 GB of RAM. No matter how powerful the phone’s processor is, without adequate RAM to handle the heavy apps, it will run slow and lag.

Storage capacity of ROM

As a high end phone user, you will need large amounts of data to work with. ROM stands for Read Only Memory and it refers to the inbuilt internal memory of your phone. The larger the ROM the better and more convenient you can handle large data. Don’t go for a phone less than 64GB of ROM.

Expandable storage

Expandable storage means removable storage. Maximum Capacity  of expandable storage for high-end phones are 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB in that order. 


Don’t be fooled by Megapixels. Higher megapixels does not necessarily mean better camera quality. There is more into what makes a quality phone camera than just megapixels. The only way to know a good camera phone is to read reviews. However, some high end phones were built specially to showcase its camera quality. Such phones include;  Google pixel series of phones, iPhones, Infinix Camon series of phones and the list goes on.

That said, most high end phones are fitted with high quality cameras for taking high resolution pictures and videos. 


High end mobile devices are fitted with very powerful processors. There are different types of these processors and each claiming to be superior, however, in reality, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Ensure that the phone you want to purchase is fitted with a graphic processor as well.  Processor power although important, should not be the topmost to consider when looking for a powerful phone that suit your needs. 

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