4 Ways to Care for your PC/Laptop Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk drive

All your information including passwords, software license information is stored in the hard disk drive. The hard disk drive is the life of your PC, you lose it, and lose all your information, data, software etc

4 ways  to care for your hard disk drive

  1. Do not suddenly switch off your laptop/ PC or allow it to do so. If this phenomenon continues, it could cause irreparable damage to your hard disk drive
  2. Do not install pirated software. These software often come infected with viruses that in the long run can damage your hard disk drive
  3. Regularly clean and defragment your hard disk drive to keep it in optimum condition.
  4. If you have to remove your hard disk drive, then handle carefully, be very careful so that it doesn’t drop on the floor or be subjected to any hard impact.

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