Why You Should use Cloud Services

Flexibility: cloud-based services are very flexible you can easily upgrade or downgrade anytime and anyhow you wish.

Regular updates/upgrades: for whatever Cloud services you are using the rest assured that you will be using the latest updates or upgrades of the software available.

Data recovery: One  the advantages of a cloud-based service is that the service provided take very good care of your data for you and they have many ways of helping you recover data should any problem occur.

Pay as you go: Cloud service providers use the pay-as-you-go model. You only pay for what you use. In the long run, you save cost

Team work: teamwork is easier on the cloud-based service. Computing changes reflects in the real time, moreover, team members can connect to the same project using different compatible devices

Security: your data on a cloud-based service  is very secure: They usually employ the best personnel to protect the database.

Access from anywhere: 

 One good thing about subscribing to a Cloud service is that you can access your data from anywhere in the world and from any compatible computing device such as a desktop computer,  a laptop or even your mobile phone/ tablet.

Don’t worry about data loss: now when you do your computing in the Cloud you don’t have to worry whether or not changes you make have been saved. Your work is saved automatically and seamlessly, your data cannot become corrupt. Issues about computer hardware and protecting your data is taking care of at the cloud service provider’s end.

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