Type of Cloud Services

The cloud offers various types of services based on user demands. Services you can find on the Cloud in Cloud computing, networking, storage, gaming machine learning and so on.

Some type of Cloud services and acronyms

BAAS( backup as a service). You can back up some or your entire data in the Cloud

CAAS( communication as a service). Cloud-based Telecom, messages, and video conferencing solutions.

DAAS ( desktop as a service). Enables you to use your main desktop from any computing device anywhere around the world.

DBAAS ( database as a service). Cloud database service. Your database  can be fully managed by a cloud service provider.

HAAS (hardware as a service). It is possible to rent all your computing hardware from a cloud service provider.

IDAAS (identity as a service). Cloud-based identity and user management service.

IAAS (infrastructure as a service)

Your company can have all or part of its main network servers in the cloud.

PAAS. (Platform as a service). It cloud-based service of both hardware and software development.

SAAS. ( Software as a service). It cloud best access to a full service house in the cloud examples include Gmail, Netflix and so on.

STAAS. (Storage as a service). Cloud based  storage service. Examples include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and so on.

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