Some Basic Computer Cloud Services

Storage: one of the popular Cloud services is online storage. The popular Google Drive, Dropbox and  Microsoft’s Onedrive are all examples of cloud storage.

Email : email services such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, and other forms of webmail are cloud services.

Music & Video streaming: thanks to this kind of Cloud service, you do not need to be keeping physical collections of musical CDs or DVD videos all looking around town for a specific music or video. For a little cost you can always subscribe to a music or video streaming Cloud service and watch or listen to any music you want. Spotify and Netflix examples of music and video streaming service respectively.

GPS and Maps

Are you looking for a house or a recreation centre, or directions to a place, then Google maps is a Cloud service that can assist you.

Social media: the popular Facebook YouTube WhatsApp Instagram as social media services that are completely based in the Cloud. They are a type of cloud service.

Anonymity: it is possible to be anonymous and have a private Cloud service only for you.

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