Problems of Cloud services

Cloud service is the ideal computing solution these days. Did you have some short comings. Below are some of the problems you may seldom encounter with a Cloud service provider.

Problems with your internet access: you still need internet access to access Cloud services. If it happens that your internet service provider is having problems, then you may not be able to access the internet let alone your Cloud service. Fortunately this happens once in a while.

Cloud service downtime: you may not be able to access Cloud services during upgrades, internet access problems, and repairs. However these situations only occurs once in a while.

Government access: if you have sensitive data, you should be informed that storing this data in a cloud-based service is risky because the government have the power to request for any data on the Cloud service for investigative purposes.

Higher cost overtime: when you register with a Cloud service at first the cost may be cheap but as your work becomes popular and your computing needs expands you may be  paying much more for the service.

Hacking: cloud computing is very secure but sometimes it can be hacked. On your own part,  you can use double layers of security at least to secure your account.

Help and support: it may be difficult to find specific help when you run into problems with your cloud computing.

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