How to transfer files from your phone to another phone using NFC

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NFC stands for near-field communication. NFC is a way of transferring files wirelessly between compatible devices. It can transfer files such as documents, photos and videos over a distance of 4 cm or less.

How to use NFC to transfer files between two Android devices

Before sharing content, make sure that both devices are unlocked, have their screens on and have NFC and

Android Beam turned on. 

On your device, open the exact content that you want to share, like a map, photo or web page.

Move the back of your device towards the back of the other device.

 When the devices connect, your device will make a sound or vibrate and the image on your screen will get

smaller. When you see ‘Tap to beam’ or ‘Touch to beam’, tap your screen. After you’ve sent the content, the image on your screen returns to normal size.

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