Android Phone Camera Tips


Camera phone comes with advanced features these days. Here are some Android phone camera tips to make you get the best out of your camera phone.

Keep the camera lens clean

Always clean your phone camera lens before using it to take pictures. This will ensure the highest image quality possible according to your camera settings.

Avoid zooming

When you zoom before you take a photo you may not get a good quality image. If you always want to take photos of the highest quality then try as much as possible not to use the zoom function. 

Avoid using the flash

Always take pictures in a well-lit environment for best results. Even if the environment is not well lit, still avoid using the flash. Using the flash usually results in  outputs of uneven colours or whitewashed areas. If using the flash is unavoidable, first of all try adjusting the lights sensitivity settings of the camera and see if it produces better results.

Use High Dynamic Range Function (HDR) 

High dynamic range (HDR) capability is becoming the new standard for smartphone cameras. It enables you take realistic pictures that are closer to what the human eye sees in reality.

HDR is best suited for landscape or nature shots. Don’t use HDR to take pictures of action or moving objects. Also it is not best suited for portraits as it could give too much detail and you may not like it. You can use it to take photos of groups of people instead.

Use camera modes

Take advantage of the camera modes that come with your Android phone. It makes taking shots of certain scenes or scenarios easier.

For instance use burst mode to take pictures of moving objects such as children and animals. In burst mode the phone can take several pictures in a few seconds and reviewing the pictures taken you can select the best of them and keep.

The panorama mode can also help you take a picture of a very large scene and make it look as if it was taken with a single shot.

Add clip-on lens

clip on lens

A good way to increase your Android phone camera capabilities is to add a clip-on lens.

This type of add-on camera lens helps your phone to take better zoom, wide angle and close up pictures.

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