What are Expansion Cards ?

Expansion cards are printed circuit boards that add functionality to your PC. Basically your PC doesn’t need these cards to function, but as you continue using your PC, in the long run you will need them. 

 Your PC usually  comes installed with a basic graphics card for doing things like typing,  watching movies,  playing some low CPU demanding games. However if you discover in the course of doing certain tasks that your PC is slow, such as when video editing or playing certain video games, then you may need to install an additional graphics card. 

Types of expansion cards that you may need.

Graphics accelerator card

One of the most sought-after expansion cards in the market is the graphics accelerator card. High-end video editing 3D application software and video games are very CPU demanding. These applications can overwhelm even the most advanced CPU in the market, this is why they must be used with an additional capable graphics card installed. Graphics cards are available in the market in various grades and capabilities

Sound cards

If you want more quality sound from your PC or if you are a sound producer editor then a better sound card may be required. 

Network cards

Network cards enable you to connect your PC to another PC and also to the internet, enabling you to transfer or download data at high speeds

If the network ports that came with your PC don’t produce the speed that you need then a more advanced Network card can be the answer.

Storage card reader

There are many types of memory card storage around. So having an expansion card that can read all of them makes a lot of sense.

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