Precautions to Take Before or When Building Your PC

It can be very disappointing when some new  PC components get damaged even before they have been fitted into the PC unit. To prevent this from happening here are some precautions you should take.

Electrostatic discharge

Our bodies carry some little amount of electric charge as we touch things. This electric charge can be discharged into our PC hardware when we touch them and is capable of causing damage to the PC components. To prevent this from occurring, you can wear a grounded wrist strap, or you can first of all touch a metal surface to discuss the current from your body true that surface to the ground before you touch the PC components. However most PC components come with protective measures to guard against this occurrence.

Electric shock

Always make sure that the PC you are working on is not connected to the mains as it could cause an electric shock. 


 PC  building mainly consists of connecting PC hardware  components to the motherboard. You must endeavour to read the instruction manual that comes with each PC hardware component. In the instruction manual you will be told how to safely and securely connect the PC  hardware component to the motherboard. If you are trying to fit in a PC component that wouldn’t go in, don’t force it in as you may damage its collection pins, try to find out if there’s any obstruction read the instruction manual again carefully.

Dropped components

Be careful when handling components, as letting them drop to the ground can damage connecting parts or even the whole hardware.

Cleaning components

Don’t use liquid cleaning components to clean components of your PC instead you can use a dry cloth or air duster to remove dust from around the PC components.

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