Do You Need an Optical Drive for Your PC

Do you need an optical drive for your PC or laptop? Few years ago, it was necessary but nowadays it is optional. There are many options of storing data which is the reason why optical drives are becoming obsolete. Large files  are stored in the cloud  or USB flash drives these days. The speed of the internet is much faster now so downloading very large files in a few minutes is possible these days.

 If you will install an optical drive for your PC then go for the DVD or Blu-ray optical writer drives. DVDs and Blu-ray discs can store very large files making it sometimes economical to use them. Don’t even think of installing an optical ordinary CD drive, it’s pointless.

Go for an optical drive in which its front cover blends with your PC case.

If you don’t want to install an optical DVD or Blu-ray writer drive, you can get a portable, external optical drive instead. Its portability enables you to easily carry it around, plug into your PC or laptop or even your TV.

As said earlier it’s very possible to build a PC or have a laptop without an optical drive. However, make sure your internet speed is fast so that you can download large files in a few minutes. Have a 16 GB or 32 GB flash drive so that you can easily transfer, copy and  install softwares. Your PC or laptop usually comes equipped with an external memory card reader or slot. Memory cards  now have capacities of up to 256 GB or even more.

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