About Solar Cars

Solar powered car to be commercially available in 2022

A solar powered car is a type of vehicle that is powered by solar panels. It is an electric vehicle that is powered by solar cells fully or partially. A car that is powered fully by solar cells will not be equipped with a battery. A car that is partially powered by solar cells will be equipped with a battery. The battery is a rechargeable one that helps to regulate and store energy from the solar cells.

Solar powered cars are still in their experimental stages and have not been commercialized for public use. 

Solar cars that will be rolled out commercially in late 2022 will be partially powered. 

Rechargeable batteries will complement power that is produced from the solar cells. What it means is this, a solar powered car will be equipped with a battery, this battery can be charged by the sun powered solar panels and more, by the battery’s electric charger plugged  to an electric outlet.

The amount of charge produced by the solar panel is only complimentary. A 6 hour charge of the battery by the solar panels can only produce 8 -10kilowatt-hour of power. This power can only move the solar car for about 50 miles or 80 km. 

The battery that comes fitted with a solar car has enough power to move the car about 400 km on a full charge.

This means that it will take about 30 hours of good sunlight for the solar panels to fully charge the fully discharged battery, whereas, using the battery’s electric charger, the same process will take under 2 hours.

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