Equipment you can use at home for soap making

Most equipment used  for making soap at home are available in your Kitchen.

Soap making

Soap making equipments

  1. Heat and corrosion resistant bowls: this could be heat resistant plastic bowls or stainless steel bowls. Wooden or aluminum bowls should be avoided. 
  2. Electric scales and pipettes: Soap making is a precision process. The ingredients have to be mixed in the exact quantity. The makes the high precision electric scales and pipettes essential tools to have.
  1. Corrosion resistant pots and spoons: pots and spoons should be able to resist the corrosiveness of caustic soda or lye. Aluminum and wooden spoons should be avoided.
  2. PH indicators: this helps to measure the power of the lye and also ensure that the PH of the soap making ingredients is within accetable levels.
  3. Moulds: moulds for soap making are available in a wide range sizes. Soap moulds can be made of plastic, silicone or stainless steel material
  4. Cutters: for cutting the soap into standard sizes after it has hardened.

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