English Premier League Match Day 5

English Premier League Table after matchday 5

Crystal Palace vs Brentford. 1- 1

After their defeat to Man City last time out, they couldn’t hold on for a win against Brentford tonight. Brentford will be the happier of the 2 sides.

Fulham vs Brighton Hove Albion 2 -1

Fulham ran away with the win, they have been having a good run so far. 

Southampton vs Chelsea. 2 -1

Chelsea suffer their second loss in 5 games this season. They started the game the brighter side and scored the first goal but as the game wore on they were frustrated. Southampton the deserved winners

Leeds United vs Everton. 1-1

Everton still looking for their first win of the season. Good game against Leeds. 

AFC Bournemouth vs Wolverhampton Wanderers. 0-0

Wolves should have won this game, they had several chances including a one on one. Wolves remain in the relegation zone after 5 matches.

Arsenal vs Aston Villa. 2-1

Aston villa is a much improved team this season. They almost got a point from this game but Arsenal were having none of it. Arsenal remain top of the table with five wins from five.

Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest. 6-0

Manchester City welcomed Nottingham forest into the premier league with a Six- Nil bashing. The champions are making their statement clear.

WestHam United vs Tottenham Hotspur. 1-1

Tottenham still managed to take a point from this game because WestHam should have won it. Tottenham’s goal was brilliant, but their hosts had the better chances.

Liverpool vs Newcastle. 2-1

Newcastle have been doing well so far this season. They took the game to Liverpool, but they couldn’t hold on for the point.

Leicester City vs Manchester United 0-1

Leicester City have been lacking in confidence this season so far. And Manchester United came and pipped them one -nil. Cudos to United for a very disciplined play, their 3rd straight win in 5 games.

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