English Premier League Match Day 2 ( 2022/2023)

Concise English Premier league matches review

Nottingham Forest vs WestHam United ( 1-0)

Famous hard-fought victory for the new entrants. WestHam had a goal ruled out by VAR and lost a penalty. Overall Nottingham forest deserved their victory. Fine goal from Awoniyi. If they keep this up they will stay in the premier league.

Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur (2-2)

This was a game that would show if Tottenham can be title contenders this season. Well, they were lucky to get away with a draw. Chelsea should have won that game, they dominated for large periods but they have themselves to blame for not being ruthless in front of goal. Great game.

Brentford vs Manchester United (4-0)

Manchester United’s season hasn’t started yet. Mediocre keeping, mediocre defending made it an easy trashing of them by Brentford. United are now bottom of the table after two losses.

Aston Villa vs Everton. (2-1)

Everton came to win this game, but Aston Villa gave them a run for their money. Aston Villa took their chances, Everton had theirs.The end results: no points for Everton.

Arsenal vs leicester City (4-2)

Fine win for Arsenal. Arsenal will be scoring many goals this season if they continue in this form. Two wins from 2 games, we will see how it goes. The Gabriel Jesus signing has been a blessing.

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Newcastle (0-0)

Newcastle stole the point in this game. Thanks to goal line clearance and heroic goalkeeping.  Newcastle now have four points from their first two games.

Manchester City vs Bournemouth (4-0)

Bournemouth  were simply blown away by City’s devastating attack. Easy 4-0. Game already decided in the first half after three unreplied goals. City is the team to beat this season. They are the defending champions, you know that!

Southampton vs Leeds United (2-2)

Good character from Southampton coming from two goals down to level up.

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Fulham (0-0)

Fulham deserved their point and should have won if they had converted their penalty.

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace (1-1)

Crystal Palace are giant killers,and they almost did that against Liverpool. Liverpool on the other hand failed to take their chances when they had them, their frustration led to a red card against them in the 57th minute. Good result for Crystal Palace

Premier league table after two games courtesy BBC Sports

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