About the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy note 8 came around quickly sequel to the call back of the failed note 7.

The note 8 is an awesome phone. Released 4 years ago, the Galaxy note 8 still holds its own when compared to the latest generation of Android phones around now. 

The phone is powered by snapdragon 835 or exynos octa  CPU and can handle almost every application and games in a smooth operation. The graphics processing unit is awesome. It comes with a 6GB RAM, making multitasking easier and smoother. Except if you are using highly demanding applications such as video editing software or gaming, The phone can last up to 10 hours just surfing the internet and watching videos.

Samsung have since produced better phones than the note 8, however these phones are still too expensive for an average income earner. 

If you are looking for a high-end Android smartphone that is still comparable to the current competition and you are on a budget, go for the note 8, it costs just around $200 currently.

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