How to make hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

The worldwide covid 19 spread brought about the relevance of hand sanitizers. Since our hands easily come in contact with germs and viruses including coronaviruses, hand sanitizers became necessary to purify our hands and reduce the spread of this deadly virus.

Hand sanitizers are available in supermarkets and stores. It’s also easy to make. This article will focus on how to make hand sanitizers for yourself.

Items needed to make hand sanitizer.

Isopropyl Alcohol ( up to 99% volume).

Aloe Vera Gel.

Lemon juice.

Method of making your own hand sanitizer

The world health organization recommends at least 60% of the hand sanitizer should be alcohol. Alcohol is the main ingredient that kills the germs, aloe vera prevents the alcohol from drying out too quickly and the lemon juice acts as a sort of fragrance.

Mixing two parts of Isopropyl alcohol to one part of aloe vera gel plus 10 drops of lemon juice will give you hand sanitizer.

Some doctors also recommend 3 parts of alcohol to one part of aloe vera gel.


Isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel is readily available in local stores around you. You can easily buy a lemon fruit from a fruit store and extract its juice.

You can also process aloe vera leaves and extract its gel. Just wash the leaves, peel its outer leaf skin and blend the inner contents to liquify the gel.

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